Destination Wedding: 7 Extravagant Pre-Nuptial Activities to Try in Dubai

Weddings are the perfect occasion to gather all the people who matter to you together in a single place. What's more, the days leading up to the event can serve as a wonderful opportunity to make your nuptials an even more significant time for everybody. This is one of the key reasons destination weddings have become quite a trend.

With a destination wedding, every person on your guest list is likely to have a profound connection to you and your significant other. This is primarily because the wedding is longer in a way (more on this later) and also pricier.

At the same time, these are people who will probably have no issue with the travel and expense required because they want to be present on your special occasion.

So, if you are decking out already on a destination, plan meticulously to make your wedding an occasion for creating unforgettable memories for everybody. Work in a few pre-nuptial activities, too.

Here are some top recommendations if your destination wedding is in Dubai.

1. Private dinner in the desert

There are travel agencies that can set up a desert safari tour for large groups, culminating in a private gourmet dinner in a stunning spot in the desert.

You can pack one day with desert activities such as watching the sunrise in a hot air balloon, riding across the dunes on a luxury 4x4, taking pictures, sand surfing, before winding down to a fine-dining experience.

For this, you will get not only a private chef and butler but also musicians to create a more elegant outdoor dining experience.

2. Yacht cruise on the Dubai Creek

See the waterfront communities along the creek with all the people on your guest list and enjoy the open water one afternoon. There are glass-enclosed yachts for big groups that want to cruise around the Dubai creek.

The dinner cruise will not only include a tour, but also a gourmet dinner and entertainment. It's the perfect program for a wedding rehearsal dinner. You all can have some fun dancing and singing as the yacht gently rides across this large creek (which is the home of Dubai's pearl industry). Meanwhile, others can just take in the gorgeous views.

3. Seaplane tour

How about treating your parents and siblings to a scenic seaplane tour? Dubai has both natural and human-made wonders that are best viewed from above, and there's no better way to see these than from a plane.

There are different seaplane tour packages to choose from. A high-rated one for special events such as birthdays and proposals is the Ras Al Khaimah tour package from Dubai.

With this tour package, you and your loved ones will get to see the magnificent landscape of Ras Al Khaimah and the progressive city. Plus, adventurous guests can go zip lining in the Jebel Jai Mountains before the group returns to Al Marjan Island.

This activity will undoubtedly create a special memory for you and your family before the wedding day.

4. Spa retreat with the entire bridal entourage

Gather your entire bridal entourage for a day of pampering at one of the wellness spas in the City of Gold. There are many exclusive spas and wellness facilities in Dubai; you can just take your pick from any of them.

This activity is quite ideal in preparation for the wedding, which the ladies would want to look and feel their best for. Go for a spa package that includes a massage, facial, and nail care.

And if you want, you can also request the spa to put together a care package for your girls. The care package would serve as an excellent gift for your bridesmaids and other wedding sponsors.

5. Intimate brunch with everybody

It's always lovely for destination weddings to have a program set early in the day, especially if your guests want to spend their free time exploring by themselves.

An intimate brunch with your guests fits the bill. Have it at a luxury dining establishment in Dubai. There is a restaurant here that boasts of artistically designed private dining rooms, and that's not all. It also has personalized concierge services to cater to your unique requirements.

Do you need luxury cars to transport guests from their accommodations to the restaurant?

The concierge service can make arrangements for a car, stretch limo, a helicopter, or even a seaplane. Do you want a live band to serenade you for brunch? The concierge can cover that, too. The restaurant's commitment is to make sure you get to create the dining experience that you want.

6. All-male getaway

It won't be fair to the men to not have their own designated exclusive activity before the wedding, so work out a men's getaway. This can be riding horses in the nearby mountains, a day at Ferrari World, or renting a yacht to take the lads snorkeling or scuba diving.

Don't overlook the different exhibitions or trade shows in the city. There may be some that the guys would find interesting, such as a Maker Faire event, robotic exhibition, home DIY expo, and many others.

7. Glamping

Arabian glamping in Dubai is all the rage these days. If you and your group are looking for a festive activity to get everybody in the mood for your big wedding, this is certainly something worth considering.

Glamping means enjoying the outdoors in style and comfort, and there are highly recommended glamping locations in the country perfect for this.

One is the Longbeach Campground in Ras Al Khaimah. Another one is The Starlight Camp, which is near Dubai — this glamp-site is one of the best spots for a night of romantic stargazing.

Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to participate in a variety of pre-nuptial activities for a destination wedding.

Hopefully, those shared here meet your requirements for fun.

These can make your wedding an experience to remember not just because of the romance of the occasion, but also because of the thoughtful creativity put into ensuring everybody's good time.

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Mithu Agarwal is the Commercial Director at Seawings LLC, a trusted provider of commercial seaplane tours and charters in the UAE. The company offers aerial tours of the UAE, taking off from the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club through which you can discover the thrill of travelling by a seaplane. Whisking passengers to 1500 feet, the route soars past the iconic city skylines, offering sublime views of the country's architectural marvels.

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