Outside Of Your Travel Comfort Zone Is Where The Magic Lies

Many of us grow up with a specific idea of what travel means, our childhood holidays can shape our imaginations and what we are comfortable with. So we may find ourselves booking a similar sort of holiday and a similar sort of destination, or sometimes the exact same destination. But there is something to be said for going outside of your comfort zone when it comes to travel.

Holidaymakers and people who travel often are finding it more interesting and magical to go outside of their comfort zone and choose a destination that they have never been to before. We can do the same thing every year, but taking a risk and going somewhere different, even if it’s just a little bit unusual to you, can broaden your horizons, and end up showing you what adventure is.

Choose A New Destination

When we travel it’s usually all about the destination that we are choosing, travel destinations are always top of our priority list when we are thinking about travelling. The rest all just seems to fall into place. But if you want to get out of your comfort zone that is important that you should look at alternative options occasionally. Taking a look at different cities is going to help you open your mind to new opportunities. You can find a city guide here for the destinations you’ve been dreaming of and read everything you need to know about each area. It may be that you have always chosen quiet and rural areas, that make you feel more comfortable when travelling. But taking a bigger step to booking a hotel in the centre of a city, could really help you experience a whole different world.

The different cultures, people, and sites that you will see in all of the different cities and countries around the world are there to explore, and if you are a history fan then there is plenty to learn along the way as well. Taking that small step out of your comfort zone when it comes to the destination will bring you opportunities you wouldn’t have thought of before.

Go Further

Maybe you have never stepped foot outside of Europe, or maybe you have only ever taken a short boat ride when you are on your travels, but taking that long haul flight will really take you to new places, and help you experience more. Some areas of the world you may only have heard about on TV, and they may seem out of your reach, but if you are a little brave, and you book something without thinking too much about it, you will find yourself excited when you land in that country so very far from home.

Not all of us are comfortable with travelling for hours at a time, but to really get to those very special places stepping outside of the comfort zone will be worth it in the end. Just making sure that you are prepared for the flights, or the distance that you will be travelling, can make it a much more pleasant experience for you. Not only this but you can quite often find a new favourite destination by exploring further afield. Some things really can’t be imagined unless you see them for yourself.


When you hear about the different activities that your friends do when they are on holiday, it may seem like a terrifying proposition, but the adrenaline and the extra special memories that you can create by taking the plunge and book in an adventurous activity will stay with you forever. The idea that a holiday must always be relaxing is dated and those of us that are willing to step outside of our comfort zones will experience much more adventure and exhilaration. It doesn’t even have to be an extreme sport, activities such as hiking or visiting a completely unused area of an island can also be incredible experiences because of the surroundings that you find yourself in.

Length of time

If you are the type of person that only takes a long weekend here and there, then maybe planned for a week or two-week long break next time. Many people take at least a day or two to adjust to their surroundings and then it could be time to go home again, so making sure that you have time to really experience the places you are visiting could bring a whole host of new activities, new people to meet, and a thorough understanding of the local area. Of course, you have to come home at some point, but spending a little bit longer on your travels isn’t a bad thing at all.

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