3 Key Ways to Prepare for an International Road Trip

Planning an international road trip can be a very exciting time. If you’ve got a car that you can rely on and are able to work from your laptop, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t plan an adventure behind the wheel. And, with most European countries connected by road – or ferry access that you can take advantage of - the world really is your oyster when it comes to travelling by car.

On top of that, there are many advantages to a road trip; it’s better for the environment than flying, plus you get to see a whole lot more scenery along the way and visit more places that you wouldn’t have stopped at otherwise. Here’s how to make sure that you and your car are prepared.

Get the Right Insurance:

The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you have the right insurance for driving in the countries that you plan to visit. Don’t forget that since the UK left the EU in January 2020, and the interim arrangements will end at the end of December, your regular insurance might no longer cover driving in EU countries by the time you’re heading off, so check with your company first. If you need to get a new insurance policy, you can compare car insurance and find the best price online using Quotezone. All you need to do is enter your details and you’ll get a range of quotes to choose from. Don’t cut any corners here; the last thing you want is to struggle if you’re in a crash in an unfamiliar place. It’s always better to pay more for as many features as you’re offered.

Make Sure You Have Breakdown Cover:
Breaking down on an unfamiliar road and not knowing who to call or what to do would be a nightmare. So, before you set off, make sure that you have breakdown cover that you can use in any of the countries that you plan to be driving in. When you get your insurance policy, there may be an option for breakdown cover - it’s a good idea to take it. Not only does this make it easier by having everything in one place, but you also know that your insurance company can arrange breakdown assistance for you wherever you are, which might not always be the case if you’re using a UK-based company. And, it saves you from having to get a new breakdown policy for each country you visit.

Make Sure That Your Car is Roadworthy: 
Making sure that your car is roadworthy will help you minimise any breakdowns or accidents while you are travelling. Don’t just take what you see at face value; cars can be deceptive and if you’re not a mechanic, there may be something wrong with it that you wouldn’t have any idea about until you’re broken down at the side of the road. Don’t take any chances; take your car for a full service and make any necessary repairs before you set off. Pay special attention to things like tyre tread depth and making sure that all the lights and electrics are working well. Now’s a good time to get new tyres or bulbs.

Travelling in your car can be exciting and freeing, but make sure that you stay safe and prepared!

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