10 Reasons You Should Visit Spain at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Spain is a favourite for expats, especially the UK. And who can blame them! The relaxed way of living, the weather, and the seaside, are just some of the reasons why millions flock to Spain every month. If you’ve never been and are wondering what all the fuss is about, keep reading. We’re about to give you 10 very good reasons to pack you bags right now.

1. Jaw-Dropping Landscapes
So many people visit Spain because of the weather and the beaches, but there are lots of different landscapes to discover. Mountains and deserts to name just a few.

2. Exciting Adventure Activities
Are you looking for an adrenalin kick? There are plenty of opportunities in Spain such as the world’s scariest footpath called the El Caminito Del Rey. The footpath is only three-feet wide and pinned to the side of a 300 feet deep gorge.

3. Food to Die For
Have you tried tapas on your local High Street in the UK? It pales in comparison to the real thing you can experience in Spain. In many of the Spanish bars, if you order a drink, you get a free plate full of tapas. Spain is one of the easiest (and tastiest) places to be vegan in Europe - check out our sister blog Vegan Vs Travel for tips. Whether you’re house sitting in Spain, staying in a hotel, or renting a villa, the food is something your holiday won’t be complete without.

4. A Rich and Varied History
The history of Spain is fascinating, and it is cleverly preserved in many of its museums and buildings.

5. An Opportunity to Learn One of the World’s Most Widely Spoken Languages
One of the best ways to learn a language is to experience it first hand. And what better way to learn one of the world’s most widely spoken languages than to visit the country where it was born.

6. Beautiful Islands
Everyone’s heard of Ibiza, the party island, and Tenerife with its volcanic landscapes, but there are plenty more beautiful islands to visit. An island in the Canary Islands, for example, has streets made of sand.

7. Famous, Weird, and Wacky Festivals
Spain loves to celebrate in lots of different ways. Book a charter flight to Spain with the help of https://www.jetapp.co.uk/spain and you’ll be able to experience some famous and wacky fiestas and festivals. The tomato throwing festival is one example, along with the annual wine drenching festival that is held in La Roja.

8. Traditional Dancing and Music
The most famous style of Spanish dancing has to be flamenco. The style that includes singing and playing the guitar has close links with the Spanish Romani gypsy community. The elaborate costumes and exquisitely crafted dresses are something else this genre is well known for.

9. Art
Lovers of art will feel right at home in Spain, as many of the world’s most famous painters chose it as their home. The country has many world-famous galleries where you can see art from famous painters such as Francisco de Goya and Pablo Picasso. For art that’s a little more off the wall, visit the Salvador Dali Museum, which is located in Figueres, Catalonia.

10. Beaches
All together, Spain has almost 5,000 kilometres of coastline. A staggering five of Spain’s beaches have made it to the top 10 of TripAdvisor’s best beaches in Europe. They include Playa de Ses Illetes, a beautiful beach that made it to number one in 2016. Spain boasts 300 days of sun a year and stunning beaches. If that’s not enough to persuade, there’s got to be something in this list that makes you go WOW!

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