What French Vacation Should You Go On?

If we were to simply say the word “France”, no doubt an image comes into your head of a certain pointy tower, or maybe of liberty leading her charge. But there is a lot to see in France. It’s a country that offers a new experience to everyone. So, which one should you go with? We’re breaking down the different experiences you can have in France and you can see what grabs your attention for your next vacation.

The Skiing Holiday: Savoie

The lesser-known element of having your vacation in France is the skiing. France is home to some of the best ski slopes in Europe, but for the best of the best you can only choose Val d’Isere.

This beautiful little commune is found nestled between the French and Italian border, right amongst the snow-capped French Alps, making for the perfect place to get some serious skiing done. Ski, snowboard and otherwise “Shhoop” down the French Alps, landing eventually at the village of Val d’Isere for a hot cocoa by the fire. Check the snow forecast for Val d’Isere here and book your tickets now so as not to miss out.

The Fashion Holiday: Paris

There’s a lot that Paris is known for: the food, the architecture, the historical relevance, but the part that shouldn’t be ignored is Paris’ place as the “Fashion capital of the world”. In fact, if you get there at the right time, namely late September, early October, you can run right into Paris Fashion Week. Even if you can’t access any of the shows, you can still wander the streets and see all the models and photographers grabbing snaps in their new threads.

And if you’d rather see Paris in June, for example, you can head to the Louvre. Tucked away in the same building is the Musée de la Mode et du Textile, (Museum of Fashion and Textiles), where you can browse some of the most beautiful clothes through French history, from the outfits of aristocrats to pieces from Gucci, Christian Dior, and Balenciaga.

The Wine Tasting Holiday: Burgundy

For the name alone, Burgundy has got to be the best place for wine tasting. Doesn’t it just immediately bring about the image of a good, rich, glass of red?

Burgundy is a great choice for someone looking to enjoy the more rural side of France. Wander the wineries of Burgundy’s fields and take a few classes on wine tasting. Or even take a food tour, showing that Dijon has more than mustard up their sleeves, and explore the nearby canals.

The Casino Royale Holiday: Monte Carlo

Okay, so Monte Carlo isn’t in France, it’s in the tiny city-state of Monaco, but that it is a tiny sliver of what was once France’s landmass, that a few hours drive from Nice will get you there. So, for all those reasons, and the fact that Monte Carlo culture is well entwined with French, we’re including it here.

And to give the biggest reason of why we’re adding it here, Monte Carlo is known for being the home of the world’s first (and arguably best) casino. This is no Las Vegas or Blackpool resort. The beautiful Monte Carlo Casino is beautiful and grand 150+ year old building that looks more like a palace inside and out. It offers two restaurants, three lounge bars, a spa, pools and decking, and a music venue at the moment offering shows of Alicia Keys and Dita Von Teese. And that’s all without mentioning the blackjack, roulette, slot machines and poker tournaments that are a staple of the casino.

Don your best tux or evening gown, grab yourself a French martini and live out your Casino Royale lifestyle in the classiest casino in the world!

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