The Benefits of Private Flight Over Commercial Flying

More people than ever are choosing to charter private jets rather than fit in with the time schedules of commercial airlines. This is whether it is a personal or business trip. Those who fly regularly will also benefit from a jet card program to guarantee a flight whenever they need to travel. For those looking to fly, we have put together some reasons below as to why it is better to fly via private jet as opposed to opting for a commercial airliner. This can be whether you are putting a holiday package together yourself or looking to manage a business trip more effectively.

#1. Privacy

The one thing everyone will receive is more privacy when you book a private flight. This is because the private jet will be boarded at a separate terminal, which will avoid needing to make your way through a crowded airport lounge. This works well for celebrities who tend to get swamped by fans. But then, none of us want to be around crowds at the moment, and perhaps not for some time.

Once on the aircraft, those flying can experience a private cabin arrangement. A more private conversation can be enjoyed when we can freely talk among ourselves. In business, we do not have to worry about competitors overhearing our conversations. Everyone can relax more during a private flight and enjoy the travel experience more and not see it as the most unpleasant aspect of any trip abroad or further afield.

#2. Luxury

Luxury must be what most of us will think about when we consider a private jet. This can certainly be promised. We will have more legroom, and in the case of the larger aircraft, sleeping facilities too. The larger aircraft will come with kitchen facilities as well as lavatories. This is because they are intended for long-haul flights. They will travel for some distance without needing to refuel.

Private flights are known for providing a flight attendant service. Except that you will not be one of many passengers being looked after. You will have more individual attention amongst your smaller group. You will feel special and know just why you have paid extra. We can have the luxury in-flight just as we can have it in a Michelin star restaurant.

#3. Private Jet Cards

When you fly regularly by private jet, it is worth investing in a private jet card. You can then guarantee a flight whenever you want it and receive discounts for things such as roundtrips where fuel is saved. Many people think that a private jet card will be restrictive, but it is quite the opposite. This is because it allows you the freedom to book a 24/7 flight and also can be used globally. You can book your holiday package and know that your more exotic location will be something that your private jet charter company will likely still cater for. It is always worth checking, though.

A good thing about the smaller private jets is that they do not need a full runway to land on necessarily, so this opens the possibility of the more exotic destinations covered by a private jet card. You can choose the cabin size that best fits your needs with private jet cards and experience good service and much support. Another advantage of private jet cards is that there will then be no hidden costs to bear.

#4. Faster Travel

If you wish to arrive at your destination as quickly as possible, then a private flight is the way to go about it. The smaller jets can fly above the bad weather that will threaten to disrupt a commercial flight and cause it to be delayed. Someone chartering a private jet will also save time by not having to wait for hours at an airport and have their flight delayed. There will usually be no delays with a private jet. The process that checks in the masses can otherwise delay you. Baggage can be lost. With a private flight, the check-in process will be minimal and just for your small group. You can also have your luggage closer to you.

There is no doubt that a private jet flight holds many benefits over commercial flights. It is worth checking out if it can be within your budget when you fly. Particularly if you fly a lot when you can then benefit from a private jet card or program.

What do you think? Have we convinced you to try private flights? Or perhaps you are already flying privately? Let us know and please feel free to give us tips and advice! :)

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