7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand at Least Once in Your Life

We have been to Bangkok before and loved it - today, we bring you another post about Thailand's capital! Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia's most significant cities and a must-visit tourist destination. Bangkok's temples and palaces must be visited, as well as its many restaurants, where you must sample the local food. You also must experience a genuine Thai massage before leaving Bangkok. Bangkok combines heritage and modernity, spirituality and joy, but it's also a totally different and far-off country with its traditions and perils. Here are seven reasons why you should visit Thailand.

#1. You can travel far, spend little, and live lavishly

Since everything is becoming very expensive, we find ourselves working long hours every day for amounts that never seem to be enough. The cost of living is significantly lower in Thailand than in many other Southeast Asian nations, and the same goes for travelling. You can book a trip with bangkokattractions.com, visit the amazing surrounding islands, experience the magic, and look at their recommended must-visit sights. With a few euros, you may have delicious food, get a massage, tour the city in a tuk-tuk, and board a bus to your next location. The typical cost of a week's vacation at a beach resort in Europe is equivalent to almost a month's worth of living expenses in Thailand.

#2. You can awaken your senses

Thai food is regarded as some of the best in the world. The first welcome a visitor gets is from the local cuisine in this region. In Bangkok, for instance, one can smell the countless aromas of the spices needed to make the world-famous Thai curries even before leaving the airport to catch the elevated metro. In fact, many people believe Thailand's street cuisine to be the best in the world.

#3. You can visit fantastic night markets

The night markets are a unique experience that will take you to another world and have your mouth watering as you walk among the spice sellers. After that, all you have to do is sit in an outside restaurant while the aroma of spices is still in the air.

Then, you can sample a papaya salad or a masaman curry, all of which have intense, engulfing flavours. To travel among a thousand different flavours, Thailand is among the top countries in the world.

#4. You can rediscover spirituality

Nearly everywhere in Thailand, there is insane traffic, yet you may also find beautiful temples that are completely silent. One can be found even behind Khao San Road, one of the world's busiest streets. In this country, you will undoubtedly pass by thousands of temples. Even if you are not Buddhist or do not believe in God, you will rediscover a part of yourself intimately connected to spirituality. You will see women of all ages deeply involved in prayer and monks meditating in city parks or by the sea. You will also notice taxi drivers ensuring the cards are properly organized.

#5. You can find inspiration in Thailand

Thailand has the power to inspire reflection on life. In Thailand, you will ultimately give up consumerism to pursue that "something bigger," whether it is through straightforward reflection or a meditation class that probes the depths of your existence.

#6. You can re-establish a connection with nature

Thailand is not just about massages, temples, inexpensive accommodation, and delicious cuisine. Above all else, Thailand is where you will encounter a luxuriant and dominating environment as soon as you leave the cities. After leaving Bangkok behind, you will travel through the formidable mountains of northern Thailand, where you can rent a motorcycle and explore areas far from the clamour of the city.

Areas where the cool replaces the heat and locals seldom speak English but communicate with smiles instead, giving the impression that they are in another country. Are you an active tourist who only stays in hotels to sleep and can't stand still for more than five minutes? In Thailand, you can go trekking and diving in breathtaking locations that you will long remember with envy.

#7. You can enjoy affordable accommodation and transportation

If you settle for staying in a hostel, you can actually spend very little money. The aircraft ticket may be the most expensive part of the entire vacation. On the other hand, if you're seeking a luxurious vacation, you can also find luxury hotels with breathtaking views. Thailand is undoubtedly one of the travel locations in the world that offers the best value for the money.

What about, have you ever been to Thailand? Feel free to share any tips & advice with us below!

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