Going on Holiday with Your Dog? Here are Five Key Things You Must Consider

Summer is here, and lots of us are packing our bags and getting ready for fun in the sun! Whether you’re heading abroad or on a staycation to a far-flung corner of the British Isles, if you own a pooch, it can be tempting to bring them along and give them a much-needed holiday too – fido life is tough, after all! But before you get your dog a brand-new collar to strut their stuff in, there are some things you need to check and consider. Read on to get your holiday canine ready.

#1. Choose the right place to stay!

Whether you’re travelling abroad or in the UK, you need to be sure that your accommodation is a good choice for your pet. Many hotels don’t allow pets to stay (and aren’t much fun for a dog anyway) so it can be a good idea to instead choose larger options close to green spaces such as static caravans, holiday homes, and cottages. Just make sure that whichever one you choose specifically lets you know that dogs are welcome.

#2. Take them abroad safely!

If you’re thinking about going abroad, there are some government rules and restrictions that you will need to follow. These differ depending on whether the country is in the EU or outside of it.

Inside and your pet will need to be microchipped, and have a rabies vaccination, animal health certificate, and if heading to Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, or Malta, a tapeworm treatment. Outside of the EU, you’ll need to get an export health certificate.

#3. Prepare for emergencies!

Holidays are all about having a good time, but it’s important that you prepare for the worst too – especially if your dog is with you. Be sure to bring along any important medications your pet may require, and search for the nearest vet surgeries to your chosen destination so you know where to go if your pet is feeling unwell or gets injured.

#4. Don’t forget to pack all the essentials!

Much like travelling with a child, it’s important you bring all the essential supplies when travelling with your pet. According to the experts at the Dogs Trust, make sure to pack:
  • Lead, collar, and harness;
  • Water and food bowls;
  • Poo bags;
  • Soft blankets or a bed to sleep on;
  • Treats;
  • Toys;
  • Towels;
  • Dog-friendly sun cream;
  • A cool mat.

#5. Choose dog-friendly activities!

It’s important that you plan your holiday activities around both you and your pet. While you might enjoy city breaks and wandering around galleries all day, your pet probably won’t be as enthused – and attractions may not allow your dog entry to begin with. To prevent any upsets, plan in advance and structure your day around your dog – such as staying indoors or in shade during the hottest parts of the day.

What about you, what would you pack for your dog's vacation? Feel free to share any tips & advice with us below! :)

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