7 Tricks to Finding the Perfect Hotel in New York


New York is a city bustling with activity at every nook and corner. There are popular tourist attractions to visit, historic neighbourhoods you could wander about, and museums you could explore. Finding the best hotels in NYC comes down to your definition of luxury.  


What would you prefer? A nice clean room at a competitive price or a room equipped with all facilities? The article will look at different factors that will help you find the best accommodation in NYC. 


Decide on the Property Type 


Would you like to stay at a hostel or an apartment with a functional kitchen? Some of the common property types you will find in NYC are hotels, apartments, guest houses, hostels, beds, and breakfasts. Each property type has its advantages. For example, if you choose to stay at a hotel, thanks to housekeeping, you will return to a clean room after your day out. 


Decide on the Area You Want to Stay Around 


Do you want to stay right in the heart of the city or relax at a faraway bed and breakfast? Location is the top factor considered by tourists while making hotel reservations.  


NYC is a city that offers several budgets and premium accommodation choices all over. Some popular areas you could explore hotels in are Times Square, Empire State Building area, Central Park, SoHo, Rockefeller Centre, Downtown, and Lower East Side. 


Check the List of Amenities Offered 


You might assume that wifi is a facility that every hotel offers, but that is not always the case. It is best to go through the complete list of amenities offered before booking any hotel. These amenities could include a fitness centre, swimming pool, free breakfast, spa and wellness centre, and airport shuttles. These amenities could provide an insight into the value the hotel offers in return for your money. 


Compare Prices 


Visiting a third-party website to compare prices is a good practice to follow when looking for the best hotels in NYC. You could make the searching experience convenient by using filters such as hotel class, review score, price per night, and facilities. Some hotels also offer exclusive online prices, which you easily find on comparison websites. 


Book with a Refund Option 


It is wise to book a hotel that will refund your amount in case of cancellation. You might have to cancel your vacation due to unforeseeable reasons. You do not want to lose out on your entire booking amount in such cases. Reach through the cancellation policy, know when you can cancel your reservation, and the percentage of refund you will receive. 


Go Through Customer Reviews 


Customer reviews let you know if the hotel is as good as they portray themselves online. They provide insights into intangible factors such as the quality of customer service. They could also let you know about issues specifically faced by tourists, such as accessibility through public transport, communication gaps, and check-in/check-out flexibility, among others.  


Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates 


The rates per night at hotels will differ according to the day of the week. If any events, concerts, or festivals are celebrated nearby, hotels could increase their prices owing to the demand. If you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation options, you will have to be flexible with your travel dates. Decide on a range of travel dates and then compare prices according to availability.  



New York is a city that will not disappoint in terms of hotels. There are several accommodation types available that will cater to every type of tourist. Consider location, facilities, prices, accessibility, reviews, and customer service when looking for hotels in NYC. 

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