6 Must-have Amenities During Your Cornwall Cottage Holiday

Cornwall is one of the highly sought-after holiday destinations in the UK. Whether it’s the 300 pristine beaches or the soothing Falmouth and Helford riverbank, Cornwall never fails to mesmerise the travellers. Maybe that’s why more than 5 million travellers visit Cornwall to enjoy their holidays.

6 Must-Have Amenities In Your Cornwall Cottage

Though numerous hotels and holiday parks are available, cottages in Cornwall are popular among travellers. These cottages offer breathtaking views of the rivers while giving you much-needed relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though Cornwall cottages come with all the essentials, you need to ensure the amenities you need will make your stay more enjoyable and pleasurable. Therefore, here are six must-have amenities you should look for in your Cornwall Cottage.

Fast Wifi connectivity

Though holidays are supposed to be enjoyed without any distractions, you still need to be connected with your family, office, business, and friends. There might be an emergency shipment coming in, or your client might need to make a quick video call for an update; you should be able to do that. As remote work has become more mainstream, many travellers also work while travelling. That is why the cottage you choose must have fast wifi connectivity. That way you can stay connected with the internet and do your important tasks.

Kitchen Appliances

As most cottages are self-catered, the kitchens are fully equipped with utensils, supplies, spices, and appliances. It gives you the liberty to cook whatever you want and whenever you want. Make sure the cottage you choose has a functioning kitchen with essential appliances. Here is a list of appliances that should be included in your cottage kitchen:

  • Dishwasher 
  • Coffeemaker 
  • Toaster 
  • Gas stove 
  • Microwave 

Make sure you talk with the cottage management to ensure the availability of these appliances. If they are not available, you can request them to arrange it for extra costs.

Unblocked view

Though the view from the cottage may not technically be an amenity, it’s undoubtedly a deal-breaker for many. Most cottages in Cornwall have fantastic views of the ocean and rivers like Helford and Falmouth. If your cottage is situated near these rivers or has an ocean view, make sure the view is not blocked by trees or anything else. If the cottage has skylights and big window panes, they should be clean and clear for the best view. If the view from the cottage is a deal-breaker for you, you can talk with the cottage manager to verify whether the cottage has an unblocked view.

Hot tub

If you are tired of working hard, taking care of kids, and pushing yourself to the limit, maybe it’s time to get your feet up. A soothing, bubble hot bath can help you relax and get rid of all your stress. A nice, cosy hot tub is a must-have amenity if you plan to relax and rejuvenate during your cottage stay.

Cable or Satellite TV

Though you rent the cottage to relax in tranquillity, a little entertainment won’t hurt. Having a cable or satellite TV can let you enjoy some good entertainment time during your stay. If kids accompany you, a TV can be an excellent way to pass the time.

You can also check whether the cottage offers any streaming services. That way, you can enjoy your favourite show and have a late-night movie marathon.


Though Cornwall rarely has freezing winters or snowfall, it’s delightful to visit Cornwall in winters. The winters in Cornwall are generally cold, and the temperature can range from 6°F to 80°F. That means it would be good to have a fireplace in your cottage. You can curl up in a warm blanket and sit by the fireplace reading your favourite novel.

Amenities help to make the best of your cottage stay. Though most cottages have these amenities, it’s good to verify with the cottage manager or check their website to ensure its availability.

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