5 Must-See Cafés Around The World


Cafes are the hubs of communities across the world and places where people come together to enjoy a humble coffee together while drinking in the atmosphere. 

Be it South America, Europe or Australasia there are incredible coffee shops across the world that bring people together from far and wide! 

Before you venture off on your jet-setting adventures, check out some top hotspots in the places you want to go. Find yourself a cafe, grab yourself a flat white, and meet people from communities across the world! What do you have to lose? 

Check out the 5 best cafes from our list below! 

 1. 48th, The Lab Coffee Roasts – Montevideo, Uruguay  

The Lab Coffee Roasters are found in various sights across the breathtaking vistas of Montevideo. Their coffee uses beans from across the world to ensure every last sip is as breathtaking as the first. This place attracts many remote workers thanks to its soothing atmosphere and free wifi – take your laptop and get some work done, write that novel you’ve always dreamt of or study a flexible online degree with ARU Distance Learning

2. Le Procope – Paris, France  

As one of Paris’ oldest café-restaurants, the charming ‘Le Procope’ has seen it all. Watch the world walk by as you bask in the history that envelopes this place, which was visited by Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon, Marie Antoinette, and Voltaire and acted as a meeting place to members of the French revolution. You’ll be surrounded by a major part of Paris’ history in one single location. Try their exceptional range of historical dishes and exceptional food. You won’t regret it! 

3. New York Cafe- Budapest, Hungary 

This cafe is one of the most spectacular cafes in the world! Considered to be one of the most beautiful cafes in the world it’s hard to resist New York Cafes charm. Indulge in their exquisite range of cakes and Hungarian chocolates. Enjoy your coffee while listening to an incredible orchestra serenade you while taking in the Italian-renaissance style surroundings of Hotel Boscolo. The haunting ground of nobles, commoners and artists alike, it’s elegance cannot be missed! 

4. Café Odeon- Zurich, Switzerland 

Set in the slower-pace of Switzerland’s Zurich lives Cafe Odeon, a former favourite of Albert Einstein who held several lectures here in 1911! Built in an awe-inspiring Art-Nouveau style, Cafe Odeon was the home of prominent intellectual figures in neutral Switzerland during World War Two. Cafe Odeon has an incredible range of food and drink and amazing coffee of course! You’d have to be mad to miss out on this gem in the heart of beautiful Zurich!

5. Café A Brasileira - Lisbon, Portugal 

A former shirt shop set in a bewildering modernist style, Cafe A Brasileira is over 100 years old and is famous for its incredible coffee called Bica. Filled with plush interior decor, it was the meeting point for the amazing people of the day in Lisbon. Try their range of traditional pastries that will have you watering at the mouth. 

Would you travel the world for the perfect cuppa? You may just find it in any of these five locations.  


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