5 Luxury Destinations To Experience Before You Die

I'd love to say it's all thanks to our new global crisis, but to be honest death has been at the forefront of my mind for a while now. Not like in a bad way, far from it, more in a 'I don't want to waste my life' kind of way. Actually, death-bed-regrets visualisations were one of the main reasons I started full-time travel in the first place: I was on the brink of a graduate job and was staring at the map on my wall. I made a list of countries I absolutely had to go to, and realised that even if I were to take long holidays every year, it would still take me 50 years to reach all my dream destinations?

Once I started travelling, I was surprised to find (mainly thanks to geographical arbitrage) that travel is often cheaper than staying in one place. So I started getting interested in luxury travel. Finally I could have all the experiences I coveted growing up. 

Luxury travel can take many forms - from fancy hotels, to once in a life-time experiences, to jaw dropping nature, to just getting to the damn place. I've attempted to cover all angles in this blog post and I hope you enjoy it: 


Officially part of Ecuador but located a whopping 1000km away the Galapagos is thus by definition a luxury destination (in that in order to get there you need to either save up a lot or lead a casually luxury life in general). I've wanted to go to the Galapagos ever since I found out that it was where Darwin had his Eureka moment, honestly it would be more accurate to say I've been obsessed with the Galapagos since that moment. The more I learn, the more I want to go, and there are so many luxurious things to do there from Rainforest Cruises to scuba diving with seals to seeing creatures that literally are unique to that spot. 


Which list of luxury destinations would be complete without the Maldives? Like the Galapagos, it's kinda of "getting there in itself is a luxury" situation. And once your there it's kinda hard not to live luxuriously - on the one hand because the beaches and clear oceans just scream 'natural luxury' at you, and on the other hand because everything - from the food to the accommodation is expensive as you'd expect when everything has to come from far away. But back to the beaches. There's a reason this place is loved worldwide for honeymoons, and single moons too! 


Did the ancient Greeks invent luxury? Probably not, my history is not the best, but you'd be forgiven if you thought it was because there are so many luxury experiences in Greece from delicious sites to delicious foods and beyond. I first went to Greece in 2016 and it surprised an exceed my expectations. It's one of those nations that's really a unique nation in its own right (as opposed to a cheap copy of somewhere else) and I dunno if there's something in the air or what, it's hard not to have a luxurious time there.

#4 Tanzania 

So far this post has focussed a lot on places that are hard to and thus a luxury, (and made a short embarrassing stop where I wondered if the Greeks invented luxury), now I would like to direct your attention to another idea: seeing animals free in the wild is one of the greatest luxuries of all. And what better place to do that than on safari in Tanzania? I haven't (yet) been to Tanzania but (like most African countries) it's at the top of my list. But even if you're not an animal lover like me, there's still plenty of 'traditional' luxury to be found there - from five star hotels to fancy restaurants and more. 

#5 Las Vegas 

I first travelled to Vegas on a backpackers budget, and although I managed to wangle a free hotel stay and limo ride (thanks to my 'prestigious' status as an annoying blogger), I still really hated Vegas. Why? Because Vegas is meant to be had in luxury. At first I convinced myself that I never wanted to go back there, but after a while, thanks (oddly) to Army of the Dead, I've wanted to go back under one rule: that I go in complete luxury with no budget. If you get there before I do, let me know what you thought!

5 Luxury Destinations to experience before you die

So there you have it, 5 luxury destinations that I humbly believe you should have before you die - though perhaps it would be better to say 5 luxury destinations I want to experience before I die (some of them for the second time). Thank you for reading my thoughts, let me know what you'd add or take away from this list, and as always - happy travels! <3 

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