6 Insider Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Yacht Charter in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's open water and coastal attractions are extremely enjoyable. It is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in South-East Asia because it offers access to more than 260 offshore islands in the South China Sea with all the immediate perks of a cosmopolitan city. It is a must-visit for all eager sailors and individuals who want a revitalizing and energizing sailing holiday away from the chaotic demands of everyday life. A yacht holiday in Hong Kong should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Insider Tips About Yacht Chartering in Hong Kong

If you’re planning for a yacht charter holiday in Hong Kong and you want to make the most out of it, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Closely observing them and acting upon them will secure that you’d have a fully relaxing and enjoyable Hong Kong sailing holiday.

But before we proceed with the tips, the following are the fun sailing-related activities that you and your family would highly enjoy while on a yacht charter holiday in Hong Kong:

  • access to pristinely hidden islands in the South China Sea;
  • access to over 260 gorgeous white sand beaches;
  • access to unlimited hiking trails;
  • 24/7 access to numerous options for water sports;
  • fabulous city nightlife...

6 Insider Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Yacht Charter in Hong Kong

To enjoy your Hong Kong sailing holiday to the hilt, take note of the following insider tips:

Insider Tip #1: Have a Planned Itinerary

You will have a limited time so everything should be planned. This is to ensure that you get to do everything that you want in the manner that you prefer. With a clear itinerary, you won’t feel rushed and you won’t have a random sudden feeling of panic that you missed out on a certain activity. To do this effectively, start by asking for recommendations and suggestions from your chosen charter company. Have a list of the following:

  • must-visit sites;
  • your available time;
  • your actual schedule;
  • your personal interests;
  • the personal interests of your guests.

Pro tip: a visit to Peng Chau is best for cultural tourists as it has numerous beautiful temples available for exploration. Sai Kung Geo Paro or Soko Islands is a must-visit for marine life enthusiasts as they’d get to see porpoises and if lucky, Chinese white dolphins.

Insider Tip #2: The Right Yacht

Particularity with your preferences will help you choose the right yacht. You can generally charter the following yachts in Hong Kong:

To choose the best one to charter, you should mainly prioritize the following factors:

  • your holiday activities;
  • the number of guests coming along with you;
  • weather conditions;
  • locations you intend to visit;
  • the duration of your holiday.

Pro tip: Choose a vessel with a spacious deck if you enjoy sunbathing, fishing, or socializing with guests. Opt for a catamaran if you prefer exploring islands and activities that require anchoring in shallow waters.

Insider Tip #3: Pack Properly

You’d be able to pack properly if you’d mainly consider the duration of your holiday. It is not ideal to pack heavily if you’d only be having a daily charter. As yacht weight capacity is limited, it’s best if you’d only bring holiday essentials with you. Simpson Yacht Charter experts suggest that you remember the following when packing:

  • When packing for footwear, keep in mind that boat shoes are only allowed on deck. All are required to go barefoot below deck.
  • Have sunbathing and swimming costumes
  • Pack attires for specific scheduled activities like hiking or bar-hopping
  • Be ready to layer your clothes as the wind can get chilly. A jacket or a shawl will do.
  • Research the likely weather condition on your scheduled holiday.

Insider Tip #4: Opt for a Crewed Charter

Hong Kong only allows charter yachts with a licensed captain aboard. Hong Kong is strict when it comes to ensuring the safety of all kinds of marine activities. Hence, it’s best if you’d opt for a fully crewed charter that can easily take care of all your needs.

With a crewed charter, you won’t have to lift a finger and worry about a thing. They will take care of everything you need, from food, lodging to entertainment.

Insider Tip #5: Know Your Diet

A crewed yacht will come with your very own personal chef. You shouldn’t miss out on planning for this as your personal chef will go all out in serving you the food that you prefer. To make the most of this exclusive setup, make it a point to discuss your dietary needs with your yacht charter company. Be particular with the following:

  • your food preferences;
  • your menu requests;
  • your food allergies;
  • food preferences of your guests;
  • menu requests of your guests;
  • food allergies of your guests.

Insider Tip #6: Childcare

You need to come with a dedicated babysitter if you’d be spending your Hong Kong sailing holiday with your kids or your guests’ kids. Yacht charter crews can easily entertain and look after older kids but they are by no means responsible to babysit young kids. Such is not part of their responsibilities. To not make it awkward for you, the captain, and the crew, you should come with a dedicated babysitter if you’d be sailing with kids. You should also duly advise your yacht charter company if you’d be bringing along a nanny so that adequate cabin space may be allocated.

What advice and tips do you have about yacht chartering? Feel free to share with us below! :)

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