best vacation destinations 2022

We're currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina and loving life very much, it's beautiful here and I love snow. What I don't love about snow is having to wrap up every day like a bear before I can go outside. I miss the freedom of wearing clothes that I have full range of movement in and don't weigh me down. I miss being able to meet up with friends for a lazy afternoon lounging around in the park (without fear of frostbite). So yeah, I've been thinking about summer a lot and where I'd like to enjoy the sun, and this is where I'm at so far :)

Best Places to Visit in 2022 

#1. Albania

People ask me a lot why I'm in whichever country I'm in, and mostly I don't really know what to say. I don't like hierarchies and put simply, I'd like to visit every country (if they'll have me). I don't believe you need an official big reason to visit somewhere, I think every place has stuff to teach us and you can't really know until you've experienced it. Saying all that, I definitely do get these 'pulls' to certain countries, where I just want to go there and know I'm going to end up going there - Albania is one of them.

summer travel 2022

My unnecessary pulls aside, there are many actual reasons to visit Albania like the food, the beaches, the Town of Berat, and lots more.

#2. Croatia

I've been to Croatia before but I spent all of my time in Zagreb. So, I'm eager to go back and see the beaches, the historical sites (and by that I don't only mean the Game of Thrones sites), Plitvice Lakes and so much more.

best places to visit in 2022

I'm also itching to go there and write a post about vegan food - this is a personal vendetta against the Croatian who wanted to write for me, and spent the whole post talking about how hard it is to be vegan in Croatia  - it's not lol, it's a Mediterranean country, which means an abundance of fruit and veg. Try Iceland, now that might be a bit of a challenge (but not really).

#3. Turkey

On the note of personal vendettas, I have a big drive to finally go back to Turkey this year. The last time I went I was twelve and it did not go well for me (or the guy's designer sunglasses which I broke and threw out to sea, as my own twelve year old idea of justice). Anyway, I preach about facing your fears and your demons and I want to go back there as a thirty year old with a black belt and a credit card (aka power x2) to heal the 12 year old inside of me.

best vacation destinations 2022

Besides which, there are of course many actual reasons to visit Turkey - more beaches, more delicious vegan food, culture, history, and more.

#4. Canada

You may have noticed that all the places so far have been in Europe (and if you have, don't worry, who cares). There is an actual reason behind this - I'm currently in Europe, and I'm sticking to my 'no fly, only overland' rule. However, I recently updated my post about things to do in Edmonton in winter and it, perhaps ironically, inspired me to go back to Canada in the summer.

summer travel 2022

I've only been to Canada in the middle of winter, when it was -40 and the moisture on my eyelashes froze. I'm dying to go back in the summer and enjoy Canada without wearing ten thousand layers. I want to see Niagara Falls, Toronto and Jasper in the summer. As for not flying, don't worry, my plan would be to take a cruise over there.

Wrap Up: Four Places I Want to Visit This Summer

So here are 4 places at the top of my summer wish-list, and now it's over to you - where would you like to visit in 2022?

So, what do you think? Have we convinced you to visit some (or any) of these countries? We hope we did! :) Let us know and please feel free to give us tips and advice!

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