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Jamaica, a new destination to meet this summer

Exotic Jamaica
If you are tired of traveling to the same old places, experiencing the same old things, every vacation, then maybe it's time to head for some unchartered waters. Why then not try Runaway Bay, at the magnificent island of Jamaica?

Filled to the brim with incredible adventure, fabulous beaches, and delicious food. One way of making your trip to Runaway Bay even more luxurious and relaxing is to book yourself and whomever you are traveling within one of the all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica, having all of your whims catered to. By opting for the all-inclusive alternative you eliminate stress and the need for planning when it comes to vacation.

Once you have settled on the choice of Jamaica and the Bahia Principe all-inclusive hotel experience in Runway Bay, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Jamaica is an island composed of stunning natural scenery and you will be taken in by the serene surroundings. There really is nothing quite like it. However, if you find yourself wanting to combine your tranquil Jamaican vacation with some activities as well, then the Bahia Principe has you covered. Of course, there is a difference if you are traveling with your family, with friends or with your partner. That’s why the Bahia Principe has different options for different constellations when it comes to accommodation as well as activities.

Plenty of different options
1. Water - in Jamaica there is a multitude of choices when it comes to activities in the water and these activities are suitable for everyone. Try your hand at snorkeling, go scuba diving, head to the waterpark or why not take a tour with a catamaran. Depending on the season the options might differ but there will still be plenty to occupy yourself with.

2. Dunn's River Falls - one of Jamaica's national treasures and the set of several international films. The waterfall is a unique experience and it is one of the few waterfalls in the world that empties right into the sea. Spend your time at the adjoining beach or hike for a little while in the surrounding area.
3. Nine Miles - a district in Saint Anne Parish and most famous for being the birthplace as well as the burial site of the legendary reggae musician and peace activist, Bob Marley. And you can visit the house where the King of Reggae was raised too! But even if you are not a reggae fan, this is a site worth visiting. Take in the beautiful surroundings and of course, listen to some of the most instrumental tunes of the world.

4. The luminous lagoon - a natural phenomenon that should not be missed. Watch as the millions of dinoflagellates light up when they are disturbed, creating an eerie luminous green glow. It is even possible to swim in the water and it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Book yourself on a tour that will show you the magnificence of the lagoon first hand.

5. Scavenger hunts - if you are traveling to Jamaica with your family this is the perfect family outing. Exciting for everyone involved and with a treasure at the end how can you possibly go wrong?

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