Top 10 mountains to Hike in Europe (aka an Excerpt from Our Hiking Plans)

Europe is home to some brilliant hiking trails that take you to the summit of her finest mountains. The best ones are across Europe, and if hiking and climbing is your thing, this post will help you find the best mountains to hike... in our opinion :) Before you start packing your hiking and climbing gear, you’ll need to think about visas. The good news is that many European countries have introduced an electronic system to order one. The Etias for Spain, for example, lets you order your visa online saving you heaps of trouble.

#1. Matterhorn, Alps

The Matterhorn is known for being perfectly formed and for offering a snow and ice hiking and climbing challenge. To scale this one, you’ll need the right gear and suitable experience. The views make the effort worth it and knowing that you’re on the border of Italy and Switzerland makes it even better.

#2. Mount Elbrus, Russia

Mount Elbrus on the Georgia, Russia border is the tallest in Europe at 18,510 feet tall. It is an extinct volcano and is a very challenging climb. There are two routes to the summit that are for the experienced only.

#3. Vignemale, French Pyrenees

Vignemale is a pleasant hike and one that offers spectacular views. It is 10,826 feet tall at the summit, and there are several routes to reach the top. Although the Pyrenees is a popular area for hiking this is known as a quiet gem.

#4. Monte Perdido, Spain

For a Spanish offering, you could do a lot worse than Monte Perdido. It is ideal for those learning their hiking and climbing trade and the views offered are magnificent.

#5. Mont Blanc, Alps

At 15,777 feet this is one of the highest peaks in Europe. Popular with hikers and climbers there are hundreds of routes to trek up it. To reach the summit, you will need serious climbing gear and a cool head.

#6. Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites is an Italian gem and offer a great mix of hiking and climbing together with a conventional holiday. The variety of hotels is great, and a hole restaurant industry has developed offering meals to hikers who have more than earned a good one.

#7. Ben Nevis, Scotland

The highest peak in Britain at 4,409 feet, Ben Nevis in Scotland is extremely popular with hikers from all over the world. There are a number of trails, and it takes between 3-4 hours to reach the summit.

#8. Mount Olympus, Greece

At 9,576 the Pantheon of the Gods offers a great 7-mile challenge and spectacular views. Why not investigate this piece of Greek mythology?

#9. Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy

Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and due to constant eruptions, the hight varies on every year. You can take a cable car up most of the volcano and then a guide can take you up to the summit.

#10. Grossglockner, Austria

Grossglockner is Austria’s highest mountain and one of the most challenging. Alpine experience is needed together with a good level of fitness to reach the summit. In fact, it is recommended that you can cover 400m per hour to get to the top of this beast.

Wrap Up: the Top 10 mountains to Hike in Europe

Enjoy the mountains :) These are just some of our plans regarding hiking... here's a video of some mountains/hills that we've actually hiked in Slovenia!

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