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5 Awesome Miami Weekend Group Retreats (aka Some of Our US Travel Plans)

Living in a tourist destination in the USA can be hectic, especially when the rest of the world flocks to the same destination at a specific time every year. However, there are alternatives that you have when planning that weekend retreat for either your family or a group of friends. You can drive a few hours away to hideouts that are right outside Miami and still experience the tranquility of a tourist destination. Let us look at some of the places you can go for an unforgettable retreat.

1. Naples

Two hours west of Miami is the beautiful Naples where all activities ranging from golfing to shopping are available. You can easily get here by renting a bus from the Miami charter bus rental options available. Naples has a beautiful view of the vineyard, which would make for a great walk in this town. You can decide to enjoy this view after a morning of golfing. When the day gets warm in the afternoon, you can cool off at the beach as you get your tan. If your group has adventurous foodies, then the night can culminate with Italian cuisine at the Gastro pub Bar Tulia, which is open until midnight.

2. Islamorada

This quiet town sits south of Miami about 85 miles, which is an hour and 45-minute drive. If you do not want to take your team to Keys, this is the next best alternative. It is also a great destination for a conservative group that would not appreciate nudity and other extremes. Your first stop should be the famous Lorelei Restaurant where you will find all things including cocktails and sandwiches. Once you are full, you can head to the water for fun activities like kayaking and paddle boating. This will make for a fun competitive time until the sun sets.

3. St. Augustine

For lovers of history, this is definitely a place you have to visit. Even though you will have to drive out for four hours and 40 minutes, it will be worth it. The uniqueness of this area is that the area gives out the feeling of being in Spain since it was established by the Spanish. You can take a tour through the remains of the once European settlement and enjoy the view of the magnificent Castillo de San Marcos fort. Once the group tours the area, you can balance the day out with a modern feel at the Columbia Restaurant.

4. Crystal River

If you are looking for a getaway that may also qualify as a hideout, then Crystal river is the place you need to visit. About four hours and 45 minutes Northwest of Miami, this area has a predominantly fishing community. It is also one of the few places in the world where you can swim with marine animals at close proximity. The group can go snorkeling while others can participate in the various fishing activities. After finishing all the water activities, you can enjoy delicious seafood at Margarita Breeze or Charlie’s Fish House.

5. Pompano Beach

Perhaps the closest getaway from Miami is Pompano Beach, which is only 40 minutes away. You will enjoy clean beaches and even get to go boating with the group. Once you are done with the water, you can have a group lunch at the foundry and order a large pizza for the group. If you feel up to a burger instead, then Burger & Suds is the place to go. You can finish the day by driving half an hour away to Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour for sundaes that will cool you off.

Wrap Up: 5 Awesome Miami Weekend Group Retreats

Dive into the unknown this weekend and have a fun retreat in any of these unique places. We hope to visit these places one day, too... we really enjoyed Frisco, wanna go back to the US as soon as possible! :)

P. S. Shout out to my buddy Lauren for writing this post :) 

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