Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress Review

Don't you hate it when the want to carry as little as possible whilst travelling clashes with the fact that you're an active person with many interests and you need lots of different outfits? I know I do. Enter Kameleon Rose and their Ultimate Travel Dress, the perfect marriage of minimalism and fashion, aka the answer to all our troubles. The Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress is an award-winning design. This light-weight, quick-dry dress transforms into 20+ outfits. Kameleon Rose sent me their Ultimate Travel Dress for free in return for this honest review and the promise that I'd offer you, dear sweet readers, a 10% Kameleon Rose Discount Code - WEASELS10.

kameleon rose discount code

I only ever review stuff that I've tried and I think is awesome, because my integrity is worth way more than what I'm usually offered... (aka you can't pay me in dresses to lie, and actually you'd have to pay me a LOT of money in general to lie) ANYWAY, without further ado here is my honest Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress review:

Kameleon Rose Review

First things first, I'm impressed. When they say 20+ outfits, they mean 20+ outfits (I was doubtful about it, but I probably wouldn't have been if I'd actually bothered to watch this video):

Another thing that impressed me was the fact that the multiple outfits aren't just available to be worn, they also look good!! When I originally heard about the dress I thought sure, there may be the possibility of 20+ outfits, but how many of those are actually going to suit me? I'll be lucky if one of them suits me! Luckily, multiple styles suited me more than I expected (but I don't know if that's because the dress is well-designed or if I should have a higher self esteem... let's go with both)! Anyway, here are some of the many possibilities of the Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress:

Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress

1. Elegant Dress

The Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress can be worn as, you guessed it, a dress! This version is an elegant dress that would be perfect for any kind of fancy functions that you find yourself on your travels (trust me, it happens).

kameleon rose discount code

If you covered your shoulders this dress would be perfect in more conservative countries, as it modestly covers your knees, I would be comfortable wearing this in places like UAE, Malaysia, Morocco etc because the light-weight material means it's suitable for hotter climates.

2. Modest Skirt / baggy trousers / jumpsuit

kameleon rose ultimate travel dress review

The top of the dress can be pulled down and folded into a modest skirt, which isn't really my style (hence why I didn't take any photos of it). But it's awesome to have that as yet another option. And I could probably pair it with a slutty top to make it more 'me'. More interestingly, there are buttons at the bottom of the skirt, meaning that the elegant dress version can be transformed into an elegant jumpsuit (which I love) and the modest skirt can be transformed into baggy trousers. These baggy trousers are much more 'me' (hence why I took a bunch of showy-off sporty photos in them). The Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress, once transformed into these baggy pants would be perfect for sporty travel days or days where you want to lounge around etc. aka almost any kind of day! LOVE!

3. Going out-out dress

kameleon rose discount code

When the Ultimate Travel Dress is flipped (aka the buttoned part is now at the top and the tight part is now around your bum, we find yet another outfit: the going out-out dress (clubbing). You can work with the buttons to create lots of different styled dresses - hanging off the shoulder etc. The possibilities really are endless! At this point I realised the Ultimate Travel Dress really did meet all of my needs: the baggy pants covered most of my travel activities (sitting on a bus/plane/train, doing yoga/boxing/hiking, hanging out with friends etc), the sophisticated dress covered me for my awkward sophisticated moments (working with hotels, meeting fancy people etc). And the going out dress was perfect if I wanted to get drunk/go on a date... once I realised all life situations had been covered for me, I decided to focus the rest of my review on other practical sides like:

4. What's the material like though?

The material has a lot of responsibilities, it has to be:
  • non-creasing 
  • quick dry
  • comfortable in hot weather

These are all essential for travellers and it manages these tasks well. It got crumpled in my bag, but after I hung it up for an hour and forgot about it, all the crinkles were gone. I'm writing this in Hungary where it's freezing atm, so I turned up the heating to full and sat in the dress. The material didn't make me sweat (which is a miracle as most materials do), and I'm excited to try it out in Egypt next month.

On a spectrum of all the materials ever, I wouldn't have placed this material right at the very top, as it doesn't beg to be touched when you touch it. (This is the way I judge materials and why velvet and fur are my favourites - which is unfortunate as I'm vegan.) Saying all that, it definitely doesn't feel bad to the touch either, and the usefulness of the material (quick-dry, no-crease) makes up for the fact it doesn't feel exactly like velvet.

5. More great features of the Ultimate Travel dress

The Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress boasts a secret pocket. It's lucky that they do that because the first time I tried on the dress I didn't even realise there was a secret pocket.. (can you get more secret than that?!). It was only when I read the instructions afterwards that I realised it had one. It's absolutely perfectly hidden. It's not big enough for a passport but would comfortably fit credit cards/ those hotel key cards. Very useful. It also folds up really small, and thanks to the non-creasing material you can fold it up small without worrying about creases.

kameleon rose ultimate travel dress review

6. Are Kameleon Rose Ethical though?

One thing I disliked about Kameleon Rose was the amount of plastic that the dress was delivered in. And when I say the amount of plastic, it wasn't even that much. I'm just a zero plastic advocate:

The dress came wrapped in this plastic, which seemed unnecessary given that the envelope was also made of plastic (the one on the right):

Once the dress was freed of these two plastic bags, there was thankfully no further plastic, I was impressed that the label was tied on with a ribbon (instead of plastic) and that the dress was held together securely with what turned out to be an elastic that is part of the dress and can be used again and again to pack it:

In other ethical areas, Kameleon Rose products are produced in Madagascar and Mauritius under ethical conditions. According to their website, they strive "to have a positive impact on the environment and people where possible". Kameleon Rose factories are WRAP certified, which is the world's largest independent certification program in textiles - there are 12 WRAP principles including the prohibition of forced labour, prohibition of child labour, prohibition of harassment or abuse and prohibition of discrimination.

Wrap Up: Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress

All in all, I'm thoroughly convinced - the Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress ticks all my boxes and so much more: it's stylish, it's ethically made, it's inventive, I can wear it in all different kinds of situations, it folds well and it has a secret pocket! Check out their website KameleonRose.com for more info, and don't forget your Kameleon Rose Discount Code : WEASELS10

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Disclaimer: As I said at the beginning, Travelling Weasels received this product for free in return for an honest review. We would never promote anything we haven't personally tried and loved because that would be super lame and I want to be cool. 

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