The Only Guide You Need for Boracay

boracay guide

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines which is often heralded for being among the best beaches inthe world and being the party capital of South East Asia. So of course, we had to go there during our stay in the Philippines and check for ourselves if all the hype was justified or not. We can already tell you we were not disappointed! It is also worth mentioning that Boracay was closed by the government for almost 6 months and only recently re-opened to tourists. So, this is meant to be an up to date guide for people who are considering visiting the island soon. The new regulation means the atmosphere is a bit quieter and more relaxed, but Boracay is still highly recommended for young people who want to have fun and enjoy one of the best beaches in the world.

1. Things to Do in Boracay

Boracay is primarily a beach destination and most visitors choose to spend their day just lounging and enjoying the wonderful White Beach strip. White beach also has tons of restaurants and shops all throughout, and at night you’ll have no problem finding a nice bar or a dance club just by strolling up and down the beach. Most resorts offer use of amenities such as kayaks and jet skis, and you can always book a tour through the local vendors and they’ll take you to the Shangri-La’s private beach where you can engage in many different water-based activities. Other, more custom tours which include trips to the mainland, are also available. The province of Aklan has a lot of hidden gems and is full of waterfalls, caves and wonderful hiking spots. These tours are less common but can be booked online quite easily as part of these Boracay tour packages.

things to do in boracay

Lastly, not many people know that Boracay is actually one of the best places to go kite surfing. The conditions over at Bulabog beach are ideal and winds are strong all year long. There are a lot of professional kiteboarding clubs over there, with Isla Kitesurfing School being the oldest and best reviewed one.

2. Where to Stay in Boracay

Most people stay at the White Beach are which is the most central location and provides access to everything you need. White beach is more than 4 kilometers long and is divided into 3 sections, aptly named Station 1,2 and 3. Station 1 has the widest and most serene beach, and is where all the high-end resorts are located. It is well suited for couples who want to enjoy luxury and a little bit of privacy as well. Station 2 is the central part of the island and provides easier access to all bars and restaurants. The beach there is fantastic, but it is also the most crowded and loudest area. While still having a very nice beach, Station’s 3 beach area is vastly inferior compared to its 2 other counterparts. This is why this section is full of more budget-oriented hotels, and is where you can find most of the hostels and guesthouses. That said, the upside to this part of the beach is it also very quiet and peaceful, so by no means it is a bad choice. We stayed at The District hotel in station 2, you can read a detailed review of our experience here.

3. How to Get to Boracay

Boracay is an island and the nearest airport is on the mainland in the town of Caticlan. There are direct flights going there on a daily basis from multiple destinations such as Manila, Cebu and El Nido. There are also a few international flights coming in from countries such as Korea and Singapore.

boracay guide

If flights are all fully booked or too expensive, you can also fly to Kalibo instead. From there, you can take either a van or a bus going to Caticlan. It takes less than 2 hours to get there, and the journey is quite nice as you make your way through jungle covered mountains. Once you arrive at Caticlan, you’ll need to walk for approximately 5 minutes to get from the airport to the pier. If you have a lot of luggage, you can always take a tricycle instead. Once at the pier, you’ll need to buy a ticket for the boat to Boracay and pay the government’s environmental fee which is 100 Pesos per person. The boat ride to the island takes about 20 minutes. You’ll arrive to Boracay’s pier and from there you’ll need to hire a taxi or a tricycle to take you to your resort. We don’t really recommend a tricycle as this ride can take 20-30 minutes if there’s traffic or some construction work going on which is quite common. It is worth it to pay a bit extra and have a much more comfortable ride.

4. Wrap Up: the Only Guide You Need for Boracay

If you are going to the Philippines, Boracay is definitely one of the places you should strongly consider. It is a beautiful island with an amazing beach, and a lot of nice things to do and see. The fact that Boracay is so modern and well developed offers a good contrast to other destinations you are likely to visit during your vacation in the Philippines. This is the best place to just chill, have fun and indulge yourself, either before or after you take the more adventurous route and explore off the beaten path. Here's a vlog we made about our trip to the Philippines - enjoy :)

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