Hotel2Stay Amsterdam Review

hotel2stay amsterdam review

If you are looking for a comfortable, practical hotel in Amsterdam that's outside of the typical touristy area, yet still well within reach of the tourist district, look no further, you've found Hotel2Stay.

1. Location Review: Hotel2Stay Amsterdam

hotel2stay amsterdam

I think there's a really important thing to mention about Amsterdam: location, location, location. Travellers and native Dutch people alike tell me time and time again that they love the Netherlands, but don't love Amsterdam. I'm convinced it's because of where they've been in Amsterdam, because honestly as much as I love the capital of the Netherlands (which I do), there are lots of parts of Amsterdam that I don't like. Namely the touristic centre. Specifically right around Amsterdam Centraal. It's chocker with tourists, there are queues for everything, and no one knows what's going on. It's expensive, and above all, it's unauthentic. But don't take Amsterdam off your bucket list just yet. There's still so much beauty in this city if you just go a little bit further away from the overly touristic centre. This is not a unique phenomenon to Amsterdam, I've had this in parts of New York (like Time's Square), London (Oxford Street), Prague, Venice, the list goes on.

Back to where Hotel2Stay Amsterdam Review comes into this, Hotel2Stay is in the absolute perfect location: it has both easy access to the tourist parts whilst at the same time being separate from it: Hotel2Stay is located in Sloterdijk which is about 3km from the centre. Sloterdijk is a great area of Amsterdam where you can find the real authentic Netherlands. Including Bos en Lommer - a quirky street with markets and hip coffee bars and Westerpark - one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam. But Hotel2Stay isn't so remote that you can't still dip in and out of the tourist attractions (because there's no shame in doing that either)! Hotel2Stay is 3 minutes walk to Sloterdijk station, one of the major train stations of Amsterdam. From here it's just 10 minutes to Amsterdam Centraal, or (in the other direction) just 10 minutes the airport. Very convenient. And awesome to get the best of both worlds!

2. Hotel2Stay, Amsterdam: Room Review

hotel2stay review

We stayed in a beautiful room on the ground floor. It was full of gorgeous natural light and had a real homey, yet fancy feel to it. I really loved the decor! There was a giant desk, big enough for both of us to get some work done. The bathroom had an incredible shower with perfect water pressure. The bed was one of the comfiest we'd ever stayed in and we had two perfect night's sleep here:

hotel2stay amsterdam discount

The room also came with a fully equipped kitchen,  this is still a kind of strange hotel feature, but strange in a perfect way, I loveee hotels with kitchens!

hotel2stay amsterdam discount

And this was a truly fully equipped kitchen - pots, pans, knives, everything you could possibly need to make your own meals in Amsterdam.

hotel2stay review

I don't know about you, but when I'm travelling I love to have breakfast at the hotel, and then either lunch OR dinner out at a restaurant, I don't like eating out twice a day (it makes me feel gross), so having the luxury of being able to make a couple of our meals during our stay was perfect.

3. Breakfast Review: Hotel2Stay

hotel2stay review

Talking about breakfast, Hotel2Stay offers another luxury: breakfast in bed. The night before, you simply pick what you'd like for breakfast from a list, and then hang said list on your door. On the list, you include what time you'd like breakfast. Then, in the morning, open the door to breakfast - the best way to start the day!

4. Wrap Up: Hotel2Stay Amsterdam Review


All in all, we absolutely loved our stay at Hotel2Stay Amsterdam. The combination of the perfect location, with a comfortable room with everything we could possibly need, plus breakfast in bed anddd really friendly kind staff was absolutely ideal. We can't recommend it highly enough. You can book directly through their website and use STAYLIKEUS for a 10% discount :) or book via

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests as Hotel2Stay Amsterdam, but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend something we haven't personally tried and loved because that would be lame.

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