Photoshoot with PorTrait Blaho in Budapest

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A few weeks ago we did a photoshoot in our favourite city Budapest with the awesome PortTrait Blaho. I wanted to show you the beautiful shots we did and give you some info (and discount codes) on some of the pieces we're wearing.

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In the shoot, we included pieces by Gunas The Brand handbags, prAna clothing and Topfoxx sunglasses. Three companies we absolutely love and three companies we're super excited to be able to offer you a Gunas handbag discount code, a prAna influencer promo code and a Topfoxx discount code in this blog post!

1. PorTrait Blaho Photoshoot

Timi is an incredible photographer and one of my closest friends. What I love about her is she makes me feel so comfortable in front of the camera (and really finds my best side, or as Tanbay calls it my 'chocolate side'). She was able to make me feel super comfortable in front of the camera on the first day we met aka before she became one of my closest friends. This is a big deal as being in front of the camera can often make me feel very awkward - a bit annoying seeing as I'm a YouTuber! PorTrait Blaho is loads of fun and can do anything with a camera, from standard shots:
prana influencer promo code
prana influencer promo code
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I LOVE HER!!! Please follow her on Facebook and Instagram. All photos below are by her:

2. Gunas Handbag Discount Code

Gunas The Brand make luxury vegan handbags. They are famous for being America's first 100% vegan handbag brand and I think they are gorgeous.

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I have their cottontail raspberry purse Cottontail Raspberry Purse and I think it's absolutely perfect.

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gunas discount

I wanted it just because of the colour (and if pink is not your thing it also comes in red, black, grey, tan, purple, wine). And it also comes in light pink.

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It's the absolute perfect size if I'm hanging out in the city all day my wallet, sunglasses, keys, DSLR and phone all fit neatly in it.

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But it's also the absolute perfect size for carry-on. I usually keep my passport, kindle, headphones and drink in it for easy access on the plane.
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Another piece I love from Gunas New York is the Twiggy Mustard Wallet

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It fits all standard wallet items - bus pass, credit cards, cash (of course). The reason I love it (other than the colour), is the front section fits my phone in perfectly, meaning I can just take the wallet (with my phone and keys inside) if I'm going out for the evening and don't need a bag. Generally, though I take them both:

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Browse Luxury Vegan Handbags - here and for a 10% Gunas handbag discount code you must click this link and use WEASELS10 at check out (please note, the code doesn't work if you don't click that specific link). For more information, check out my full review: Gunas Handbags Review + Discount Code.

3. Prana Influencer Promo Code

prAna clothing is well known for their ethical clothing. Their clothes are made of 100% organic cotton and hemp and they implement fair-trade and sustainability values.

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Tanbay was modelling the prAna Polo and the Furrow Short part of their new collection. He says that they're both perfect for the summer, really light and breathable:

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They're also great for travelling because they are smart casual - he feels comfortable in most situations in this outfit, from turning up at fancy hotels, to chilling with friends.

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To modelling ;) And of course, he looks absolutely gorgeous in both! For a 15% prAna Influencer Promo Code you must click this link and use TRWES18 (again code doesn't work without the link). You can also check out our full review here: prAna Clothing Review + prAna Influencer Promo Code!

4. Topfoxx Sunglasses: Discount Code!

Last, and definitely not least, Topfoxx sunglasses.

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Topfoxx makes quirky cool sunglasses that 'are not for your average girl'

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Personally, I think Topfoxx sunglasses are the coolest sunglasses out there.

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They come in all shapes and colours. I also have this same pair in rose gold. But the purple ones are my favourite.

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I love the high quality of Topfoxx sunglasses. They even have teardrop nose guards like 'proper' glasses. And the lenses are UV 400 protection!

topfoxx sunglasses

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I also love how things reflect in the lenses, and how perfectly Blaho captured this:

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All Topfoxx pieces come with a special carrying case - when the sunglasses aren't in it folds down to a neat flat package that fits easily into your bag.

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To get an exclusive discount for Topfoxx click this link and use WEASELS20 for 20% - this is for a limited time only, so if you missed it use WEASELS15 for 15% Topfoxx discount code. I will end the post with a few more perfect PorTrait Blaho photos, let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite:



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5. Wrap Up: Photoshoot with Portrait Blaho in Budapest

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We had the nicest day ever with PorTrait Blaho and love all of the photos, they're so beautiful! Please be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook she's super talented and deserves way more likes! We also love all the pieces featured here, find out more about them here:

You can watch me live wearing the Gunas vegan handbag and some of my favourite Topfoxx sunnies on our vlog:

P.S.: If you're interested in an app designed for vegans & wanna support the vegan movement and us, veganvstravel as well, use this link plz to download Abillion. When registering, please use our referral code: TRAVELLINGWEASELS. If you wanna know why we think this is a great app, read here.

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