Riad Anayela Marrakech (Review)

riad anayela marrakech

Riad Anayela Marrakech is one of the best riads in Marrakech with a pool. With some of the most luxurious rooms we've ever stayed in and a delicious breakfast, this was our favourite riad that we stayed in Marrakech. We stayed for one night and this is what we thought:

1. Riad Anayela Marrakech Review: Check-In

Riad Anayela picked us up and guided us through chaotic Marrakech - this transformed our journey from what would have been confusing into super comfortable.

 best riads in marrakech with pool

Stepping out of Marrakech and into Riad Anayela was like stepping into an oasis of calm and beauty. [Read more: 3 days in Marrakech There was a welcome gift of dates and milk (which we swapped for fresh orange juice). We could not stop staring at the pool, it's so beautiful! Check-in was efficient and then we were showed up to our room.

riad anayela marrakech

2. Riad Anayela Marrakech Review: Our Room

Our room was incredible. To greet us was a delicious spread of nuts, dried fruits and dates, it was delicious! And so beautiful, spread out on a silver platter. Our bed was gigantic and insanely comfortable - we had the best night's sleep ever there. It was also covered in rose petals, so romantic!

riad anayela

The whole place had beautiful arches and decor - lots of silver and oak and traditional Moroccan pieces.

riad anayela marrakech

We were really blown away by the bathroom, there were more rose petals, two sinks and the most gigantic bath I've ever seen in my whole life.

riad anayela marrakech

3. Riad Anayela Marrakech Review: Rooftop

Riad Anayela has one of the most beautiful views in the whole of Marrakech. It's the perfect place to hang out at any time of the day, but sunset is particularly special.

riad anayela marrakech

We went up to watch the sunset and were absolutely stunned.

riad anayela marrakech
riad anayela marrakech

4. Riad Anayela Marrakech: Pool

I absolutely loved the pool at Riad Anayela, it was so beautiful! We spent ages here getting some great insta-good shots! The water isn't heated, because it's Morocco and you want a cold pool, not a hot one - it's a shock to the system to jump in, but 100% worth it.

best riads in marrakech with pool

5. Riad Anayela Marrakech: Location

Riad Anayela is situated in a very residential part of Marrakech, which is perfect to see how people really live in Morocco, aka not just the tourists. As for the tourist sites though, they are still well within walking distance, Jemaa el fnaa (the famous square) is only 25 minutes walk away, and there are plenty of souks and shops within 10 minutes walk. Like all riads in Marrakech, Riad Anayela is relatively hard to find, but they have some good solutions for this: firstly, they picked us up and took us to the riad on the first day so we didn't have to struggle to find it for the first time landed down with our bags.

And whilst they were picking us up they pointed out some useful landmarks for us, which made it easy to find the riad after that. They also lent us a phone so we could call them if we ever got lost. We used (a great app which shows you where you are, using GPS), so we didn't need the phone, but it was great to have it. Note, in Marrakech, it's common for people to ask you if you're lost and then take you to where you want to go (possibly) and then definitely charge you for it - you don't need to do this if you have a map and/or the phone. We were followed by some children to Riad Anayela, who then asked us for money, it would have been awkward and sad but Riad Anayela was there for us to help us translate.

6. Riad Anayela Marrakech: Breakfast

Breakfast at Riad Anayela was our favourite breakfast in Marrakech and definitely the most vegan-friendly Marrakech option. At Riad Anayela we had the best bread we had in Marrakech - by far! Most bread in Marrakech is bland, this stuff was delicious. There was also fresh orange juice, the best coffee we had in Marrakech, jams, fruit, granola and best of all olive oil - I love olive oil and bread.

best riads in marrakech with pool

Wrap Up: the Riad Anayela Marrakech Review

All in all, we loved our stay at Riad Anayela it was our favourite place in Marrakech and we highly recommend it.

riad anayela marrakech

To book your own stay head on over to their website or find them on

riad anayela

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Riad Anayela but as always all opinions are our own, we never have (and never will) recommend something we haven't personally tried and loved because that would be uncool. 

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