Australia Guide In Four Weeks

australia guide in four weeks

Australia, always close to our hearts as it's the first place we properly travelled together (not counting the UK and Germany). It's one of the coolest countries in the world - it's got the lush weather, it's got the breath-taking beaches, it's got the crazy animals and it's got some of the most laid-back people on the planet. But it's also GIGANTIC. And with limited holiday, how can you make sure you see the best of what it's got to offer? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this quick guide to tackling Australia in four weeks. We were in Australia for nine months, and we know what you must-see (and what you can skip).

Where To Go In Australia

First things first, you'll undoubtedly be landing in either Sydney, Melbourne or Perth (the three busiest international airports in Australia). Although we absolutely loved Perth (and loved discovering extremely un-touristy Western Australia), we don't necessarily recommend going to Western Australia if you only have four weeks. Why? Western Australia is so.far.away. from the rest of Australia, and if you only have four weeks, it's best to stick to the East coast (and maybe the south) and save Perth for next time. Trust me, you'll be coming back to Australia.

#1. Melbourne and Sydney

sydney guide

We absolutely loved both Melbourne and Sydney, they're both awesome cities with plenty of things to see and do. And the nightlife, in particular, is fantastic. The restaurants are expensive, of course, but so so worth it. In terms of culinary experiences, we've got to give the upper-hand to Melbourne, their Japanese cuisine is the best we've had outside of Japan. They also rock at graffiti too:

melbourne australia

A must-do day-trip from Melbourne is St Kilda - a quirky, hippie-like seaside town with the coolest shops and bars.

where to go st kilda

For nature lovers, an absolute must is taking a day-trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains - just make sure you go on a non-rainy day!

blue mountains guide australia

Travelling Weasels recommend: Fly into Melbourne or Sydney, spend between 3 days and 7 days there and then head up (or down) to the other city (aka fly into Melbourne and head up to Sydney, or fly into Sydney and head up to Melbourne). You can make this journey a number of ways. The quickest (and can actually be the cheapest) is to fly. But for those who want more of an adventure / don't want to make their carbon footprint any bigger, you can take the bus/ train/car. Hitchhiking is legal in Australia, I did it once it was great, it's also one of the easiest and maybe* one of the safest places to do it in the world. (*everything's relative.)

[New to hitchhiking? These are our tips for first-time hitch hikers]

Bang on route between Melbourne and Sydney is Australia's capital: Canberra. If you're driving through you might as well stop off and check it out, but we don't recommend going out of your way to see it. Canberra is great, but it's not an absolute must if your time/budget is limited.

#2. Gold Coast and Brisbane

brisbane guide

After Melbourne and Sydney, we recommend heading up to the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We actually took the train from Sydney to the Gold Coast. It was breathtakingly beautiful, but it was a long, long journey - definitely, fly, or hire a car and take a few days getting up there. Never forget, Australia is gigantic.

gold coast australia

The Gold Coast is a beautiful stretch of beach with skyscrapers almost kissing the water's edge. Learn to surf on the aptly named 'Surfer's paradise'.

surfers paradise australia guide

Brisbane is a fun city, not quite as cool as Melbourne or Sydney, but definitely on its way there. The perfect day trip from Brisbane is to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Australia's oldest koala sanctuary. They also have a platypus, dingos and of course kangaroos:

where to see kangaroos australia

#3. Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef guide
Photo credit: pixabay

On pretty much everyone's bucket-list ever is the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet. You've got to make your way up there to see that, be warned, it's going to be expensive, but it's going to be worth it. Please make sure you opt for an environmentally sound tour, as tourism is directly responsible for the desecration of the reefs, and some tours are super naughty.

#4. Uluru

Photo credit: pixabay

Right up there with the Great Barrier Reef is Uluru, Australia's massive sandstone monolith and a sacred spot for indigenous Australians. Be warned, it gets super hot over there, and other than seeing the beautiful rock and riding a camel, there's not thatttt much to do there. Nevertheless, you've got to go.

#5. Kangaroo Island

kangaroo island guide

Last but not least on your four week trip to Australia - Kangaroo Island. Often overlooked by visitors to Australia, and even Australians themselves, this is the number one place to go if you want to see wild kangaroos. And not just kangaroos, it's rife with koalas, seals, sea lions and of course, penguins.

Where to Stay in Australia

We managed to stay in Australia for FREE for nine months, thanks to house sitting - it was an excellent way to see the country and how real Australians live. And unlike staying in budget hostels (which are expensive in Australia), it was super-duper luxurious: we stayed in places with private beaches, private pools, great city views, you name it, we stayed there.

luxury house sits australia

If house sitting isn't your thing, we recommend for the best hotel and hostel deals.

Wrap Up: Australia Guida in Four Weeks

We're so excited for your Australia holiday, you're going to have the best time!! It remains to this day one of our favourite countries in the world, we made some of our best ever memories there and we hope you do too! Let us know in the comments below: have you been to Australia? Would you like to go? Do you have any questions about travelling this awesome country? Also, here is a vlog we recorded with some of our Aussie friends, enjoy :)

P.S.: Another way of travelling and getting accommodation cheaply is housesitting. was kind enough to provide us and our readers with a 10% discount, feel free to click on the link to use it :)

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