Doblo Wine Bar - Wine Tasting In Budapest

If you're a fan of wine, one of things you must do when you visit Hungary is try the wine - it's some of the best in Europe! 

Budapest has many cool wine tasting places, we tried out Doblo Wine Bar in Budapest and this is what we thought:

Location and decor

Doblo Wine Bar is in one of the best spots in Budapest - super central in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. From Doblo Wine Bar it's just a short walk to the Synagogue, the cathedral, the cat cafe, Szimpla and more. 

I really liked the decor in Doblo, it's a fancy but comfortable place - the best of both worlds! 

The staff at Doblo

Our server was the sweetest Hungarian woman, she really knew her stuff when it came to talking about wine, but she was fun and interesting too - she taught us a lot but without lecturing/being boring, she was great! 

The Wines
We tried the Hungarian Mini tasting, which included four different wines and finger food:

1. Feind Borház Irsai Olivér 2016 Balatonfüred-Csopak

We started off with a white wine from the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region - located on the Northern side of Lake Balaton (Hungary's largest lakes and one of our favourite spots ever).

The wine had a really strong elder-flowery smell to it, and tasted zingy, fresh, light crisp and dry. It felt like it would be the absolute best summer wine (especially drunk as fröccs like the Hungarians love doing). We were drinking in the middle of winter, but it felt so nice to be transported back to the summer - where we spent part of our time at Lake Balaton! 

I really loved this wine and would give it a 9/10.

2. Merfelsz Pince Lady R (Rosé) 2016 Szekszárd  

Next up came a Rosé from Szekszárd. Szekszárd is in the south of Hungary (near Szeged) and gets a lotttt of sun. 

I've never been a big Rosé fan, so I was surprised how much I liked this one, it smelt subtly of raspberries and cherries, and tasted really fresh and fruity. Again another perfect summer Hungarian wine. 7/10

3. Eszterbauer "Tüke" Bikavér / Bull's Blood 2014 Szekszárd  

Next came a red Bull's Blood, also from Szekszárd. I was really pleased to try a Bull's Blood (it was a slight deviation from the set menu), as I love Bull's Blood! Although I've drunk a lot of it in Hungary (haha), I never knew that Bull's Blood is a mix of many types of wine!!

This particular one smelt like deep cherry. It was smokey, very light for a red and was very smooth. I really enjoyed this one - 9/10 - generally I much prefer white to red, and I never normally give higher than a 7 for red.

4. Tokaj-Hétszőlő Furmint Késő Szüret / late harvest 2015 Tokaj  

Last but not least, the bit we always look forward to - the dessert wine. Hungary does the best dessert wines in the world and this one from Tokaj was no exception. It was sweet (of course), it had spent an entire year in the bottle. And I know this sounds super weird - but it smelt like pot!  My kind of wine.. 10/10. 

To go with the wine we had nibbles. There was some great quality cheese and meat from Hungary, which I don't eat, so I stuck to the pickles and the bread - superb!! 


All in all, we had a great time at the Doblo Wine Bar. The decor and atmosphere is classy, the wines were delicious and the server was really nice. It was a great way to spend a cold winter's afternoon in Budapest.

To book your own tasting over to their website or drop them an email.

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Doblo Wine Bar, but as always all opinions are our own. We've never recommended something we haven't personally tried and enjoyed and don't plan to. 


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