5 Christmas Presents You Can Give Your Blogger/YouTuber Friends For Free

Free Christmas Presents Ideas

Christmas is coming, and if you're reading this post you have at least two annoying blogger/YouTuber friends (us) who you want to get a present for, but can't because they're travelling around and you cba to ask them for their address. Also what would you even get them? Never fear! Helpful Christmas Elf Laura is here with 5 Christmas gifts you can give to your blogger/YouTuber friend that are absolutely free and take little-to-no effort. You're welcome ;) (This is totally not a self promotional post btw, I'm just trying to help you with your friends who may or not be us :))

1. Follow Them on Instagram

Chances are your blogger/YouTuber friend has Instagram, why not go and give them a cheeky follow. If you don't have Instagram, it's free to sign-up, and if you love photos this will probably be your new favourite social media platform. If you've already followed your friend, there are still some other Christmas gifts you can give them:

  • Like their Instagram photos
  • Comment on their Instagram photos
  • Turn On Post Notifications: if you're a real super-friend

Simply click the three circles button at the top of the post, and and then click Turn On Post Notifications - this will mean that you will always see their posts (and thus always be sure to comment and like their photos). This is a giant gift for your blogger/YouTuber friends - Instagram has recently brought in a pay feature like Facebook, meaning that your blogger/YouTuber friends will have to pay to get their Insta-work seen. But you can help them, by turning on the notifications and liking and commenting on their posts.

2. Like Their Facebook Page

Liking their page will take you a second and mean a lot to them - your friend knows whether you've liked their page, or not, and take it from someone who has 782 Facebook 'friends' only 358 of which have liked it... I know who you are, I probably know where you live ;) If you've already liked your friend's Facebook page, don't worry there are still some really cool gifts you can get them:

  • Like their Facebook page statuses
  • Comment on their Facebook page statuses
  • Share their Facebook page statuses: sharing really is caring!

And if you want to be a real super-friend there are two things you can do, the first is similar to Instagram:

Hit that following button, and then hit the 'See First' to make sure your friend's Facebook page statuses are first on your news feed - and not buried somewhere else. Like Instagram, Facebook charges pages now to get people's statuses seen, so if you rarely like your friend's Facebook page statuses, Facebook will stop showing them to you. On the flip side, if you like them immediately, Facebook will show it to more people.

Invite your other friends to like your friend's Facebook page!

3. Subscribe to Their YouTube Channel

Not all bloggers have YouTube, and not all YouTubers have a blog, but for the ones that do, they'd love it if you subscribed! Even if you don't have an account, it takes like one second to make one. And just like with Facebook and Instagram, there's plenty of room to go the extra mile:

  • Like their YouTube videos
  • Comment on their YouTube videos

And if you want to go the extra extra mile, make sure you hit their bell button (lol) to receive notifications of their new work:

4. Follow Them on Twitter

If you're on Twitter, why not follow your best YouTuber/Blogger friends? And if you're already following them you can:

  • Like their tweets
  • Reply to their tweets
  • Retweet their tweets

And of course, just like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, there's that sweet special bonus friend gift:

Click the buttons in the corner, and turn on mobile notifications to receive updates of their latest Tweets!

5. Read Their Blog

If your blogger friends are anything like us (subtle and modest, lol jokez), they will love answering your questions about travel, but they can't help but feel a little sad when you ask them those questions that they've answered many times on their blog: how to get the cheapest flights, how to make enough money to travel, how to travel the world for free, etc. If you are one of those lovely friends that does read your blogger friend's stuff, there are two super duper things you can do for them:

  • Comment on the post: so they know you're there!
  • Share the posts with your friends: on Facebook, Twitter, email, whereever!

6. Wrap Up: Xmas Presents You Can Give Your Blogger/YouTuber Friends

This is certainly not an all or nothing post, if you do any one of these things your Blogger/YouTuber friends will be super grateful, and if you do them all, you'll be first in their minds when they have to pick a winner for an awesome up-and-coming give away. Hint hint.

I think that's pretty much it on the not so subtle blog post, if you enjoyed it - you know what to do ;)

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