Top 10 Exclusive Places to Visit in a Lifetime

Exclusivity - restriction to a particular person, group or area, generally speaking monetarily wise. 

But when it comes to places to visit exclusivity isn't just about the money - some places are restricted to certain people because of remoteness, politics or even religion.  

I don't know about you, but when someone tells me I can't have something it makes me want it more - so I've written a list today to tell you about 10 exclusive places to visit in a lifetime (and whether we want to go or not). 

1. North Korea

Probably the first country that springs to mind when you think of restrictions is North Korea. North Korea is an infamously hard country to get into, you must be on a guided tour at all times. And, as of 1st Sept 2017, US passport holders must obtain a special passport validation before visiting North Korea.  

Would we personally visit North Korea? Honestly, the juries out on this one - many travellers refuse to visit because of the human rights violations, and whilst I understand this, these travellers also generally aren't doing anything to actually help North Koreans either, and refusing to visit from a moral standpoint seems more like an excuse to forget about the Koreans (this is an over-generalisation and just my opinion). 

I'm not really explaining it that well, but check out Notes on Travelling's thoughts on is it ethical to visit Myanmar. Obviously North Korea is completely different to Myanmar and it's a completely different situation, but the arguments the she puts forth are what I am (albeit inarticulately) trying to say. 

As we have no immediate plans to visit North Korea, I guess it doesn't really matter, but if we were offered the chance tomorrow we'd definitely consider it. 

2. Easter Island

Easter Island is almost as exclusive as North Korea, but for completely different reasons - this Chilean Island is one of the most remote islands in the world, and thus super hard (not to mention expensive) to get to. Flights only go about twice a week and cost roughly £1000 return (and that's just from mainland Chile, so if you're not 'in the area' it's even more expensive)! And once you've got there most things are expensive too (cause most things are imported). 

Would we go there? Without hesitation, I think this is one of the creepiest, most fascinating places ever and I'm dying to go. 

3. Mustique 

Mustique must (pun intended) be one of the most exclusive islands on the world, it's private, it's infested with royals and it can cost around $20,000 per week to stay!

Would we go? Meh why not? But also why. The Philippines looks better. 

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, is an exclusive place that's hard to get into - at least for non-Muslim Brits anyway: you may be asked to explain the purpose of your visit or even asked to show evidence for an appointment

Would we go to Saudi Arabia? I'd love to - I'm absolutely fascinated by the Black Stone in the Kaaba. Yes I am appalled by the women's rights (or rather lack of), but like North Korea and oppression, as it's not something I'm actively working to help out with, I don't think I can use that as a reason not to visit.. 

But, women can't visit Saudi Arabia unless they're accompanied by a husband, son or some other male relative. As Tanbay and I aren't married, and I have no sons (or daughters for that matter) and I doubt my dad, grandpa or uncles will want to go to Saudi Arabia, I'll guess I'll have to wait until we tie the knot. Bummer.

5. Bear Island Norway

Back to places that are exclusive due to their remote location - welcome to Bear Island in Norway. This place is part of Norway, but is set far far far away on Svalbard archipelago. It's so hard to get to that even our trusty Rome2Rio can't tell us how to get there. Plus Norway is really expensive in general, so this place must be crazy expensive.

Would we go there? Hell yea. Those photos look cool and I'm a great believer in going to places just because I saw a photo once and liked the look of it (hence why we went to the Azores)

6. Australia

Australia, exclusive because as I'm sure you know it's really far away from everyone and it's infamously expensive. It also has a tonne of exclusive islands. 

Would we go there? We already did, and were there for nine months - but we'd go back in a heart beat it's one of the coolest countries in the world! Worth every penny

7. Israel - sort of 

So there are ten Arab/Muslim countries that won't accept you into their country if you have a passport stamp from Israel, these include Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. This has become such a thing, that Israel now provide you with a temporary piece that they can stamp (and you can choose to staple into your passport at a later date). 

Would we still go to Israel? Yea, we're going next month :)

8. Japan

Japan is exclusive due to it's infamous expensiveness. And if you're tattooed you will find certain bath houses closed to you! It's even expensive just to get to - as it's far away from most countries, apart from South Korea and China. 

Would we go to Japan? Of course, we went this year and would literally go there anytime forever. It's so cool and worth every penny. 

9. Bhutan

Bhutan is hard to get into, you have to pay for your trip in advance - you have to pay a Bhutanese travel agent and by money transfer none-the-less.

Will we go to Bhutan? Yeah of course, we've never been to an Asian country that we didn't like (okay we've never been to any country that we didn't like but you know what I mean). My grandma has been to Bhutan and she recommends it. 

10. Antarctica

Possibly the most exclusive destination on the list, though thankfully not for political reasons, is Antarctica - exclusive not just because it's expensive to go there, but because it's hard to get there too - with (justified) environmental restrictions on where you can fly/take a boat. Don't be deterred though - there are plenty of Antarctica cruise deals waiting for you. 

This looks like it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet and we're dying to go!! My grandma went here and loved it. 

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