One Month In Budapest - Do We Still Love It?

For digital nomads like ourselves, Budapest is a great city to spend a month (or two or three). The internet speed is great, it's safe, it's tonnes of fun, beer is cheap, you can get to pretty much anywhere and everywhere quickly and cheaply; bloggers and digital nomads pass through here all the time for you to make friends with; and Hungarians are absolutely lovely - make friends with them too. 

We lived in Budapest for a month last summer and absolutely loved it. We then came back to visit for a week this summer. We also made sure to explore more of Hungary.

In August we decided to come back to Budapest and this time spend even longer. We've now been back for a month - are we still in love with Budapest?

Things to do in Budapest in one month
First things first, what have we been up to in Budapest this time?

Checked off 50 Things To Do in Budapest.. almost

We've now done 41/50, how many of these things have you done / would you like to do? 

Started to learn Hungarian with Zsuzsi! 

Hungarian is unique and beautiful, but it's hard to learn without a real teacher - we've learnt more with Zsuzsi in just two weeks than we did in six months learning by ourselves.

Met up with new and old friends 

This is one of the best things about being a digital nomad in Budapest - there are tonnes of cool people passing through all the time. Bloggers, YouTubers, even old school friends who we hadn't seen in seven years! And it's not just about the ones passing through, there are loads living here too! 

Been recognised on the streets nine times

Speaking of new friends, we loveeee being recognised on the streets by our fans!! You guys rock!

We also met up with some of our favourite Magyar Weasels!!! Sandra, Kata, Kinga and Kata we love you guys!! 

If you haven't yet joined our Magyar Weasels Group there's still time! We will do an official Magyar Weasel meet-up again sometime if you'd like :D 

Were interviewed by the leading European television network 

We're going to be on RTL Klub - follow us on Facebook to find out when the story will be shown! 

Featurued in Pamkutya's Instagram story

This month we made a viral video about Pamkutya's parody (you can watch it here). We were so excited to see that they gave us a shoutout in their Instagram story!!! (If you haven't followed us on Instagram, we are @travellingweasels - use #magyarweasels for the chance of being featured!)

Attended the festivals

Budapest is a great place for festivals, this month we went to the celebration of the birth of Hungary festival (video), the wine festival and the awesome vegan food festival. There's always so much to see and do here.

Perfected the Budapest Long Weekend Break Guide

We perfected the perfect guide to a long weekend in Budapest - so even if you're not coming for a month we still have a guide for you. 

Celebrated my birthday 

I celebrated my birthday this month at Hotel Parlament. We also met up with friends, went to a ruin bar, went on the official hop on hop off tour and more - you can read the whole story here: birthday in Budapest

Animal Rights March 

We went along on one of the Animal Right's Marches and took part in one of the Earthling Experiences. We made friends with some like-minded people and had fun! (and if you're interested, we do have a vegan travel blog too)

Finally finished our Summer in Hungary guide

I've been meaning to write about our trip around Hungary for a month - I finally finished, please give it a read :D 

So do we still like Budapest?
Of course! If anything we are more in love than ever. We love having a little base, bumping into Magyar Weasels, learning Hungarian, getting some work done, we even love the weather which is starting to turn autumnal. 

Resources for others wanting to spend a month in Budapest
If you're looking to spend a longer time in Budapest here are some recommendations from us:

Airbnb - for a place to rent try Airbnb, they have massive discounts if you stay for a month, and we can offer you an extra airbnb discount here if you go to: We're staying in an Airbnb in Budapest for the month, and the thing we like the best (other than having our own space, kitchen, fast internet and washing machine) is the fact that all bills are included - no hassle. 

Hotels  -Hotels are also great in Budapest, we've stayed at some super fancy ones and some some grotty ones. Browse for good ones. 

House sitting - One way to live rent free in Budapest is with house sitting. House sits don't come up that often in Budapest, but they are possible

Flights - you can find cheap flights to Budapest from all over Europe, but you'll find the cheapest and best flights with Kiwi

Travel Insurance - Budapest is a safe place, but you'd be silly to go to anywhere in the world without proper travel insurance :) 

We absolutely loved our month in Budapest and yes we are still in love :) if you're thinking about spending time in Budapest let us know!

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