3 Under-Rated US Vacation Towns

A trip to the USA is on almost everyone's bucket-list. Even for people who are actually from the USA themselves! It's such a gigantic country, with so much to see, it can take a lifetime to explore the whole place. And whilst many are lucky enough to take tick off items like see the San Francisco Bridge, party in Vegas, walk the walk of fame in LA and climb the Empire States Building, most will never know the true wonder of visiting under-rated US vacation towns.

Why not? Well, with limited holiday time many prioritise well-known bucket-list items over off-the-beaten path wonders. So why should you make time for alternative US vacation destinations too? Put simply, you won't find the authentic, raw United States of America until you've visited at least one less-known place. This is where real Americans live and breath, not just tourists and people who work in the tourist industry.

Under-rated vacation towns can be fitted into almost any dream road trip, or simply into a spare weekend - don't forget, many alternative destinations are right in your own backyard! So where should you start? Last week we listed 3 Underrated Cities To Visit In The USA, this week we give you: 3 Under-Rated US Vacation Towns:

#1. Coronado

First things first, Coronado. Located in the south of California in San Diego Bay, Coronado was founded in the late 1800s. There's loads of cool things to do in Coronado, and due to its beach location most of these cool things to do are beach centric: fishing, swimming, turtle spotting, surfing or simply laying on the beach. In fact, the beach is so great here that Coronado Beach was named best beach in the US in 2012 by Dr Stephen Leatherman.

Our favourite thing to do in Coronado is to go golfing - it's the perfect climate and the views are incredible. Coronado also has lots of well-known hotels and three main resorts, check out places to stay in Coronadohere.

#2. Anaheim

Moving northwards, to a city near LA California - Anaheim! Anaheim is on our list of alternative US vacation destinations, although it has a very non-alternative reason for you to visit: Disneyland! Yes this Disneyland is actually one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, and opened in 1955.

But Disneyland isn't the reason we recommend you visit Anaheim (okay it's one of the reasons we recommend you visit, but it's not the only reason). No, we recommend you visit Anaheim for the beautiful views of the mountains, the kind people, the fresh orange juice and the pleasant temperatures ('lows' of 10 degrees Celsius in the winter, and up to 40 Celsius degrees in the summer). And despite the obvious disney like draw of tourists to Anaheim, there are still many cheap hotels in Anaheim.

#3. Myrtle Beach

For our last stop, let's cross the country all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast, to find Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is renowned for, you guessed it, its beaches - with a 60-mile string of beaches, you know you're going to find a secluded spot.

Myrtle Beach is actually a man-made island, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful - in fact the sunrises here are some of the best in the whole world! But it's not just the beautiful beaches that make Myrtle Beach awesome, it's also the super fun Ferris Wheel where you can see for miles (this is our favourite spot). There's plenty of choice of cool Hotels in Myrtle Beach, not to mention awesome restaurants and with so much else to do here you won't be bored!

Wrap Up: 3 Under-Rated US Vacation Towns

So there you have it, 3 awesome under-rated US vacation towns - we hope we've given you some new ideas for your bucket-list, or at least inspired you to add some less touristy spots to said bucket-list. If you've been to an alternative US vacation destination that you loved, let us know in the comments below!

Last but not least, we are always on the look out for alternative under-rated destinations, be it a town, a city or even a whole country - so if there's a place you know that you think is super cool, be sure to contact us and tell us all about it! Also, if you've decided to go to a more well (over?) rated place like Frisco, here's our vlog - enjoy :)

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