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First time in Oslo? Looking for somewhere to stay that's central and offers something unique? Welcome to the Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret

We stayed for two nights and this is what we thought. 

The building

The Folketeateret, was built in the old opera house which means it has a super cool opera house-like feeling to the building. There's also loads of crazy cool artwork dotted around the place. 

The building was built in 1918 and renovated in 2009, thus you have the best of both worlds - a classy, interesting building with lots of soul (because it was built in the past), but up-to-date, comfortable amenities (from the renovation). 

Our room

Our room was comfortable, quiet and had everything that we needed in it. the bed in particular was awesome - so so comfortable!

And the shower was amazingggg! I especially liked how the toiletries were super positive and supportive to my hair and me. 

Honestly, I would say that the room was on the smaller side - which seems to be a common theme in Scandinavia. However, we didn't want for space as everything was cleverly designed so you still had everything you needed - from desk space to wardrobes. 

All in all, we loved our room - and the TV was gigantic!


The Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret offers a 'light' dinner. I say 'light' dinner because that's what they call it, in my opinion it's not a light dinner, but a feast!! 

Every day was a little different, but happily there were plenty of options for vegans like us! On the first night we had cous cous, fresh salad, potatoes, tomato soup, bread (and there was lots of lamb for the carnists).

The second night we had salad, rice, avocado and bread (salmon for the carnists). It was all so delicious!!!

What I liked above all though, was a little sign that said something along the lines of "eat as much as you like, the more you eat, the less we throw away". I really like the sentiment behind this a) it's environmental and b) sometimes you can feel awkward at a free buffet (or at least I do, maybe it's a British thing), this took all the awkwardness away. 


On that foody note, breakfast! Again there was a great selection (actually an even bigger selection than at dinner), and again there were more than enough options for us vegans. 

I went for a vegan-inspired English type breakfast: beans, potatoes, mushroom, toast, and fruit on the side. Tanbay had cereal - boy what a choice he had with milks!

Generally finding a vegan friendly milk can be hard at a hotel. Not here, they didn't just have one they had five different types!

He went for the soya chocolate. Obvi. 

Another great thing about Foketeateret is the location! It's less than ten minutes walk to the train station and the new opera house:

 (Hot tip, climb the Opera house free for epic views like this):

Many of the museums and art galleries in Oslo are also within walking distance. We had an Oslo Pass which we really recommend as it gets you into all those museums and art galleries - and for the ones that aren't in walking distance of Folketeateret? The Oslo Pass gets you free public transport to get there. Yey. Just don't use it on Monday like we did, because lots of the museums are closed on Monday. Waa. 

All in all, we loved our stay at Folketeateret, it exceeded our expectations thanks to it's awesome dinner policy, perfect location, polite staff, comfy beds and more. We'll definitely be going back when we're in Oslo next time.

To book your own stay head on over to their website or find them on price comparison website Agoda. You can read more non-biased reviews like this on Tripadvisor too.

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests but as always all opinions are our own, we'd never recommend something we didn't personally try and enjoy because that would be weird.

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