Where To Stay In Boracay Amor Apartments Review

Boracay: beautiful beaches, perfect sunsets, great party scene and one of the most travel-friendly spots in the Philippines

We nearly didn't go to Boracay though, because many people warned us that it had actually been ruined by tourists. But we were so glad we went!

Whilst there are aspects of Boracay that have indeed sapped up some of the bad of the tourists, there is still so much that is wonderful. A big part of how we enjoyed Boracay is because of where we stayed: Boracay Amor Apartments


Many people find their trip to Boracay ruined before they've even got there: the trip from the airport to the island can be chaotic, stressful and confusing. Not with Boracay Amor Apartments! They organised our transfer and it was so smooth! They sorted out everything: we were picked up from the airport, transported to the ferry area, the island tax was taken care of, we were guided onto the boat, and once we arrived on the island we were taken in a car up to the apartments. In the heat, with jet-lag, this would have been so annoying to do by ourselves!

Our Apartment

One of the many things that we loved about the Boracay Amor Apartments is that they are indeed Apartments! 

We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area and a sitting room with a gigantic TV!

But whilst the beds were comfy, the showers had great water pressure and the kitchen was perfect, none of that compared to the view. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! 

A complete and perfect view of White Beach (the famous Boracay Beach). 

Waking up to this view every morning was like a dream come true, I was ready to move in!

But the view just kept coming!! We actually had a 360 degree view which meant from the kitchen's balcony we could see the sunset!

And boy, what a sunset!

And the view was not too shabby in the daytime either :)


Sure the kitchen is fully equipped, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the luxury of having breakfast made for you, right?

The Location

Going back to my earlier point about avoiding the tourists in Boracay, this is the place to do it. At Boracay Amor Apartments you can have the best of both worlds: you can both be a part of the tourism (if you like) and you can get away from it. 

This is because Boracay Amor Apartments is set right at the end of White Beach, real (and friendly) natives can be found here, as can deserted beautiful spots:

Wait, I have a photo of the two combined :) 

So Boracay Amor Apartments is located in a very special spot in Boracay, it's quiet (you can count on a great night's sleep), it's authentic (plenty of friendly locals) and the beaches are crisp, but not crowded with tourists and people trying to sell you hats (like in District 2). 

But don't worry, even though you have all these great things, you don't miss out on anything else. For example:

These beautiful beaches? Just a quick 7 minute walk away (I timed it)

Great restaurants? Actually our favourite restaurant in Boracay, Wahine, is right on that same beach! 

Cool bars? The coolest bar in town, the Spider House, is just a ten minute walk. 

As for everything else in town, District one, two and three our other favourite restaurant - Subo - where you can find perfect Filipino cuisine, it can all be reached within 15 minutes on a cheap 150 peso tricycle. 

And actually you can even walk here if you like. We walked from Boracay Amor Apartments along the beach to White Beach and district 1 in the daytime. I think you could do it at night too - as long as you weren't too drunk!

[bonus: read our full Boracay food guide here!]

How to get to Boracay Amor Apartments

We recommend taking the Boracay Amor Apartments offer of transfer from the airport - it's so not fun to do this by yourself!

But before any of this, of course you must get to the airport itself first! For this we recommend Cebu Pacific Air - we've flown with them all around the Philippines and we think they are great. No other budget airline that we've flown with has ever been so comfortable or easy!


We were worried that we wouldn't like Boracay, and I think without Boracay Amor Apartments we probably wouldn't have - because we stayed there we got to see the beautiful non-touristy side, but still experience the good parts of the touristy side too! 

Furthermore, Boracay Amor Apartments has the best view we've ever seen, and it was so awesome to be able to use a kitchen and have a whole apartment again. 

You can actually stay here long-term, which is what we'll do next time we're in Boracay! We hope to see you there :)

To book your own stay, head over to their website or find them on Agoda - make sure you tell them that the Travelling Weasels sent you!

Disclaimer, Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Boracay Amor Apartments, but as always all opinions are our own. 

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