The District Boracay Review

Looking for a place to stay in Boracay that has the best of both worlds? Centrally located so you are where the action is, but still somehow also quiet and calm so you can rest and relax? Welcome to The District Boracay.

We stayed for two nights and this is what we thought: 


A lot of people's first impression of Boracay is negative. This is because getting to Boracay from the airport is hard: you have to get from the airport to the ferry, go through an unorganised ferry terminal and pay a few fees, take a (crappy) boat and then finally a taxi to your hotel. 

BUT the District Boracay offers pick up and drop off service from and to the airport - we highly recommend it!! They will meet you at the airport, guide you through the whole process, and instead of a crappy scary boat you get a nice speed boat (lots of hotels offer pick-up/drop-off but few offer the speed boat). 

To save yourself a lot of angst, take The District Boracay's pick-up and drop-off service. Trust us. 

We had welcome drinks at the District which were very refreshing and also received alcoholic welcome drinks for us to have at any time during our stay - we had them at sunset :)

Our room

Our room was spacious, comfortable and well situated - The District Boracay is a long hotel - by this I mean although the reception (and thus the hotel) is right on the beach and in the action, the rooms are set behind the reception, meaning that you can't hear the noise from the beach (and thus you can get the perfect night's sleep). 

Our room was right at the back of the hotel, in this photo you can see the view from our balcony, where the palm trees are at the back is where the beach is :) 

We had two absolutely perfect night's sleep here!

We were very impressed by the District Boracay's dedication to the environment. After spending a week in Siargao and seeing the devastating effects improper plastic disposal has on the Philippines, it was great to see a hotel taking it seriously. In our room there were separate bins for different things:

We could really see that they do love Boracay:

Our room had everything we needed and more. 


Breakfast was in buffet form and had everything you would expect from a buffet breakfast: good coffee, juices, fruit, bread, croissants, meats etc. There was a pancake/waffle/egg station where you could order whatever you fancied. Additionally there was a variety of cooked breakfast options that changed daily, with traditional Filipino options and more westernised items like potatoes and beans. 

Breakfast had the most delicious view ever of the beach - this is how close the District is to the beach! 


We had full body massages at the District Boracay and they were incredible. I like hard massages and often struggle to find a massage I like outside of Thailand, but the masseur at the District was up to the job! I think it was the best massage I've had in the Philippines. 

Dinner at the District Boracay

Even if you don't end up staying at the District (which of course we recommend that you do), at the very least make sure you have dinner there - it's incredible!

Dinner can be served to you on the beach front or at their restaurant which has a perfect view of the beach. We went for the restaurant and weren't disappointed with the views and the sunset.

As for the meal itself, they went out of their way to cater for us. We are both vegan and they made an incredible seven course meal for us. 

Our dinner was absolutely perfect, and made even better by the nicest lady ever: Jane - thanks Jane!

The location

District Boracay is very centrally located, it's probably the most centrally located hotel in Boracay, which means that everything is on your doorstep: bars, restaurants, activities and of course, the beach!

The beach just outside is beautiful, albeit slightly crowded, it's the perfect place to hang out, make new friends and watch the sunset. 

If crowds are your thing, you don't have to wonder far (like 10 minute walk north) to find this deserted spot for swimming:

And if swimming in the sea is not your thing, you can always stick to the beautiful hotel pool:

How to get to the District Boracay

As previously stated, we highly recommend taking the District Boracay transfer from the airport. But first you have to get to the airport itself! For this, we recommend Cebu Pacific Air - the best way to fly in the Philippines :) We flew with them many times including Cebu to Boracay and Boracay to Manila. 


We were impressed by many things at the District Boracay: the delicious dinner, the perfect massage,  the relaxing airport transfer, their commitment to Boracay's wellbeing. But most of all we were impressed by how they were not just centrally located, but also able to provide the perfect night's sleep: I can't stress this enough, I don't think many other hotels in Boracay can boast the same - they are either central and thus loud and non-relaxing, or they are quiet and thus not near the action. At the District Boracay you truly get the best of both worlds!
To book your own stay, head on over to their website or contact them via phone or email:

T: (63 2) 2349058

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests but as always all opinions are our own, we don't recommend things we haven't personally tried and loved. 

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