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Review Shangri-La Dubai - Luxury 5 Star

The Shangri-La is renowned around the globe as a luxury hotel chain. We stayed at the Shangri-La Singapore branch last year and were blown away with their service. 

We went back for more this year and tried out the Shangri-La Dubai for two nights, and this is what we thought:

Our Room

Our room was gigantic and comfortable, with a huge bed so perfect I swear it cured our jet-lag within one night (we'd flown in from the Philippines)

There were plenty of treats in our room: fruits and the most beautiful little sweets, this was a real plus as we arrived quite late at night and were starving!

I loved that there were postcards available to colour in 

The view from our room was fascinating, by night it looked like something from a science fiction film. 

By day you could see the incredible buildings and the desert! 

Our room also had a massive bath and a great shower. 

Our room was everything we expected and more: comfortable, spacious and suitably equipped for the perfect night's sleep. 

The Roof

Guests at the Shangri-La Dubai can enjoy the pool and jacuzzi on the roof.

You can also go outside here, we definitely recommend that you do this at sunset, for obvious reasons:

The Location

The Shangri-La Dubai is in a great location, just a five minute walk to the subway which can take you to most of the touristy spots in Dubai.

One stop over is the Mall of Dubai, where you can find every shop you've ever wanted to visit, and more. 

We're not really into malls, but in Dubai it's something else - there are many malls and most are filled with fascinating shops. Plus they're inside (obviously) so you can avoid the heat! 


Our absolute favourite thing about the Shangri-La Dubai was the breakfast. It was incredible! I don't think we've ever had such a good breakfast in our lives. The choice was extensive and, of course, luxurious: little cakes, olives, figs, passion fruits, hummus, juices, coffees and much more from all corners of the globe: Indian, Chinese, Western, and more!

I fell in love with the hummus and the olives, and then I fell in love with one of the chefs - upon hearing I am vegan, he made me a special Indian vegan pancake. It was so delicious. 

The staff
Continuing in that fashion, the staff we met at the Shangri-La were lovely and from all over the globe: Filipinos, Africans (sorry not sure exactly where), Indians. All were friendly and kind. 

Getting to Shangri-La Dubai

There are many ways to get to the Shangri-La from the airport: they do their own pick-up, you can grab an uber, you can take the tube or you can go for Blacklane (use 624GRVGP for a 10 dollar discount). 

But first you have to get to the airport! If you're coming from South East Asia we recommend Cebu Pacific Air, we flew with them from Boracay to Dubai and it was great. 


Our stay at the Shangri-La was comfortable and relaxing. We were absolutely blown away by the breakfast, it was the best we've ever had and was truly luxurious.  

To book your own stay head on over to their website or find them on Agoda

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of the Shangri-La, but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend something we haven't personally tried and loved. If we don't like something, we tell you. 

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