Plantation Bay Resort and Spa - where to stay in Cebu, the Philippines

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is an affordable 5-Star colonial plantation in Cebu, the Philippines. 

Set in 11 hectares of secluded grounds, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa oozes with elegance and tranquility.  

We stayed for two nights and this is what we thought:

Check in

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is just a 30 minute drive from Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The resort organised our transfer from the airport, which was very much appreciated. Although our flight with Cebu Pacific Air was smooth and enjoyable, it was still a 5 hour flight from Tokyo and we were tired! When you get to Cebu airport, it can be overwhelming (everyone tries to make you go in their taxis or tricycles), it was so nice to get to avoid this - our Plantation Bay driver was waiting patiently with a sign - and he was wearing an awesome hat!

Our Room

Rooms at the Plantation Bay Resort come in four different types: Water's Edge, Lagoon Side, Lagoon View and Poolside. Thus no matter what type of room you have, you will be right next to the water. 

Our room was incredible - we had a beautiful panoramic view and a veranda above the water: these two combined together meant we could tumble out of bed in the morning, straight into our morning swim.  

As for the bed itself, it was a four-poster, king-sized and made of mahogany it was extremely comfortable, we slept so well here. We could have easily fitted an extra Laura and Tanbay here - the bed was insanely wide!

Even the bathroom was amazing - but how could it not be with a steeping tub?

We were greeted with champagne, snacks and welcome necklaces - it was all so special! 

Plantation Bay itself

What impressed us the most about plantation bay were the water features: the lagoons, the pools and the beach. This was the first time we've experienced a resort like this, and it will probably be a first for you too: Plantation Bay offers one of the largest privately owned waterways in the world! 


We were treated to a full body for two and it was the highlight of our entire trip to Cebu, I swear I even drifted off (not like me at all). If (when) you come to Cebu you must have a spa treatment at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa!
There are plenty of different treatments to choose from, and spa guests get full access to the spa area which includes many different pools, saunas and steam rooms!! Even if the massages weren't first class (which, of course, they are), I'd still recommend getting a massage just so you try out the spa area - it's absolutely incredible. 

Breakfast is served at Kilimonjaru restaurant and is delicious. There is a great range of choices from fresh fruit (don't leave the Philippines without trying mangos and pineapples); bakers confectionaries (traditional Western like pancakes and croissants and more Filipino options like pandesal and ensaymada); eggs and meats of course. We are both vegan, and although there were plenty of options for us (fruits, toasts, home-made jams, salad), the waiters and chefs went out of their way to cater for us, and let us choose vegan options from the menu. On the first morning we choose the vegan steak, and the second we had the dhal. 

This kind of service: going above and beyond what was expected is classic Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. 


Plantation Bay is only 30 minutes away from the airport and less than an hour away from Cebu City. But I'm only telling you about those for the practicalities. Whilst you're at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa you won't want to go into the city. You'll want to take the three minute walk to the beautiful beaches - and of course hang out at the resort itself!! We didn't leave for three whole days!


There's so much to do there: eat delicious food at one of their restaurants, try your hand at archery or shooting, go paddle boarding, ride a tandem, go rock climbing and so much more! 


Hmm, I actually don't really want to talk about the restaurants at Plantation Bay Resort... The food was so incredible it makes my mouth water just thinking about it and it makes me want to book a flight straight back to the Philippines!!! 

Okay, so on our first night we tried Palermo - a Italian meets Spanish restaurant. At first I was dubious, we absolutely love the food in Italy and Spain and have never been to a Spanish or Italian restaurants outside of Spain or Italy that does their food justice.. I needn't have worried though, Palermo knows exactly what they were doing. In fact I'd even go so far as to say it was even better than the food we've had in Italy or Spain!!!!

We tried lots of the tapas and a pasta dish - we were super impressed that there were many, delicious, vegan options. 

Our absolute favourite though were these:

Bread, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt. Sounds simple, tastes like heaven. And as it turns out it wasn't so simple. Many trials had to be done to perfect the bread and the timing the the ingredients were placed on the bread. 

For dessert I had a British, vegan treat! 

Our second night was spent at Fiji Restaurant a Asian inspired place, again the food was incredible, but what we really loved about it was the view of the ocean!! We saw the full moon rise and it was amazing. 

Environmental impact
Yet another thing we loved about Plantation Bay is their awareness and commitment to help their environment. Before Plantation Bay, there was a lot of terrible dynamite fishing going on in this area - where fishermen (you guessed it) drop dynamite into the sea to catch fish. A proccess that of course does a lot of damage to the environment, and doesn't even catch that many fish. Plantation Bay put a stop to this.

They also do lots of community projects, like organising a school bus for the local children and setting up a youth centre! 

How to get to Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

We recommend being picked up from the airport by them like we were, but first you have to get to the airport. How? We recommend Cebu Pacific Air, affordable, comfortable, with really lovely staff.

Of all the hotels we've stayed over the last few years, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa really stands out as a special place. Their attention to detail and will to be above and beyond is apparent everywhere you look. 

We loved all the beautiful water features, the delicious foods, the incredible massages. We were so impressed by their staff and their commitments. 

We were also impressed by how Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is a resort for everyone: it's definitely kid friendly with plenty of fun family activities and pools, but for those that don't like kids (like us), you don't even notice them! It's a very well designed place. 

We really enjoyed our stay here and hope you will too - to book your room head on over to their website or find them on Agoda

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved because that's not cool.

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