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BUDAPEST! The best city in the world. You simply have to take a tour whilst you're there to fully appreciate its history and its beauty. So how about a Pest Walking Tour with wine tasting: half a day of history, architecture and wine? Btw for those who don't know: what is Pest? Budapest is a city divided in two by the Danube - Buda on one side, Pest on the other. If you're going on a walking tour, make sure it's on the Pest side (because it's the flat side)]

We went on Unique Tour Factory's Pest Walking Tour and this is what we thought: this is a 1/2 day mostly walking tour. We loved that it started at 12.30pm (so we could have a good lie in). We also liked that it was two parts walking one part taking the underground - Budapest is a nicely sized city, not too big like London or Bangkok, not too normal like Zagreb... but basically you can't even do Pest justice in one day only by foot, we needed help from the tube.

Tube tickets are included in your day, and we got the added advantage of getting to learn more about the Budapest underground system - the 2nd largest in Europe! (After London.) Andd we finally got to go on this one underground where the escalators to get out of there are basically vertical - I think it's line 4? You can take up to ten people that you like on your tour, and it is indeed a private tour (aka no randoms). We like private tours - you can have the guide all to yourself! And take slight detours if there's something you've already seen and you're not that interested in/ something you really really want to see, etc.

Our guide:

Our guide, Kriszti was so lovely! She was so bubbly and fun and knew so much about Hungary and Budapest! We really enjoyed hearing her talk about our favourite city. But we really, really enjoyed the wine tasting at the end where we hung out with her and got to know her better - it was more like hanging out with a friend than a guide :)

What You See:

Thanks to the tube, we covered so much of Pest. Here are a few of the highlights:

Heroes Square

Vajdahunyad Castle area

Széchenyi Baths

Budapest Parliament Building

Soviet War Memorial

We learnt so much at each stop, but I won't ruin the tour for you by telling you what happened - you'll have to check it out for yourself :)

My Highlight:

I really loved the part in Heroes Square because we learnt so much more about Hungarian history - most tours just touch on St Stephen, the Turkish occupation, the Ottomans, the world wars and the Soviet occupation. This time we dove deeper and found out all about Hungary's most interesting kings - in Heroes Square are a few statues of the most famous kings and we learnt all about them. Of course my other favourite part of the tour was:

The Wine Tasting

After we'd seen the sites of Pest it was time for some Hungarian wine tasting. This was the perfect way to end the tour: it was a lovely summers day and it was nice to relax and learn more about our favourite type of wine: Hungarian wine.

We tried three different wines: a white Etyeki Kúria wine, a Dúski Kékfrankos rose and a Béres Tokaj wine. All three were absolutely beautiful.

We also learnt a lot about how to recognise a good Hungarian wine and where the best place to buy them from is... but you'll have to go on the tour yourself to find out about that!

Wrap Up: Pest Unique Walking Tours Factory Review

UPDATE: Good news Magyar Weasels, you can get 10% off Unique Tours Factory including the one we went on in Budapest and many others in Europe using that link!

We had a lovely summers day looking round Pest and learning more about our favourite city. We learnt a lot and had lots of fun. We particularly enjoyed the wine tasting at the end and the fact that we got to a) use the tube and b) learn more about it. For more information find them on their website! The specific tour we did was: in Budapest

Let us know in the comments below - what's your favourite part of Pest? I love Városliget and the Parliament Building. P.S.: We are also YouTubers! And of course made a YouTube video about our awesome day - check it out!

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend something we haven't personally tried and enjoy because that doesn't benefit you and it doesn't benefit us.

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