Hotel Eger and Park Review

Hotel Eger and Park, voted #3 out of 22 hotels in Eger, is a baroque style hotel in the centre of Eger.

We stayed for 2 nights and this what we thought:

The woman on reception was very polite and friendly, although her English wasn't perfect (though obviously 100 times better than our Hungarian), she really made an effort to be clear and helpful. 

Our Room
Hotel Eger and Park seems to be two hotels that have merged together - assumably Hotel Eger and Hotel Park. The reception and wellness centre and rooms are located in Hotel Eger; breakfast, the other rooms and us were located in Park (the yellow building). The two are connected by an upstairs corridor. 

Our room was a good size - we had a bedroom, a sitting room and an awesome bathroom. 

 Personally I found that the bed was actually really comfortable!

We had two TVs - one in our bedroom, one in the living room. The TV was in Hungarian so we got to learn some Hungarian whilst watching the smurfs!

We also had a balcony:

With a giant tree just outside, it was nice to be able to get some fresh air. 

The best thing about our room though was the bathroom. In the bathroom we had our own sauna:

I don't know about you, but I like saunas, but I don't particularly like sharing them - especially with strangers. It was nice to be able to have one for ourselves. 

There was also a cool jacuzzi bath, with a small shower head at the top. 

The bath was cool!

The Wellness Centre

Hungary is renowned for its thermal healing baths, so it's cool that Hotel Eger and Park has its own wellness centre. There was a big indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a smaller pool and lots of steam rooms and saunas. It was super kid friendly. 

Breakfast is a buffet affair with lots of meat, cheese and egg options. For those that can't or don't want to eat these, there was fruit: apples, bananas, peaches and nectarines, bread rolls, hot coffee (the coffee was really good) and sugar juice. 


Hotel Eger and Park is well located: it takes just 20 minutes to walk there from the train station, and they have their own entrance to the beautiful Eger park. 

It was the perfect spot to visit Eger's famous Bull Blood festival from, because it literally is right on your doorstep, you could even hear the festival music from your room - make sure you stay out until the festival finishes!

One of our favourite spots to visit was just 8 minutes walk away - the only vegan restaurant in Eger!

Further Information
We included Hotel Eger and Park in our Eger YouTube video:

Hotel Eger and Park has a great location (especially for visiting the famous Bull's Blood festival), the wellness centre is cool and we liked our bathroom a lot!

To book your own stay, you can find them on TripAdvisor and Agoda

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Hotel Eger and Park but as always all opinons are our own, we'd never mention something we haven't personally tried. 

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