7 Things We LOVED About Being Back in Budapest

We just spent a week in Budapest and (of course) LOVED it! This is the first time we've been in Hungary in a whole year! And actually the first time we've been in Europe in six months. 

There are lots of things we missed about Budapest, here's some of them:

Budapest is such a green city! We stayed in an airbnb right next to Liget Park, which is a gigantic, beautiful park filled with trees and Hungarian Vizslas. That sounds weird, I mean lots of people walk their dogs there, and lots of those dogs are my favourite type - vizslas. Apparently they will be building museums here which is such a shame as this park rocks. 

There are lots of parks and green spaces in Budapest, and loads of trees on almost every street. 


Hear me out on this one... The air in Budapest is super clean, maybe because of all the trees. Maybe it's because we spent too long in Asia with the humidity and the pollution. Either way Hungarians, you have great air, be proud! 

Budapest is sooooo flat (I mean apart from on the hills). You can walk for miles and miles! The pavements themselves are also really nice and modern (again comparing to SE Asia). The dog poop obviously isn't great, but at least it's dog not human... The pavements are also so wide!! yey. 

Yey for Paprika. But also for fresh fruit and veg which can be found all over Budapest andd, unlike in SE Asia, it's safe to eat any fruit or veg (not just things that need peeling) anddd it's safe to drink the tap water!! SE Asia aside, there are plenty of capital cities just in Europe where it's hard to find good fruit and veg. Budapest is not one of them. 

And Budapest isn't just great for fruit and veg. They've got all the food groups. And even for vegans like us!! There are tonnes of vegan restaurants in Budapest and the supermarkets (or at least Aldi and CBA as these are the only ones we've ever used), carry vegan friendly milk :) 

Hungarian wine. omg. It's the best!! How I missed that nectar of the Gods. We'd never heard of Hungarian wine before we came to Hungary and we think we know why: the wine is sooo good the Hungarians want to keep it a secret :D Special thanks to super-fan Kata for giving us a bottle of our favourite wine! (From Tokaj) <3 

Speaking of wine, we went on an awesome tour of Budapest and wine tasting with Unique Tours Factory (blog post to come out soon, stay tuned). It was so great to get reacquainted with Budapest's history and sights. It's such a beautiful city with a sad but fascinating history. History buffs love it here! 


Last, but certainly not least, as it's the thing we love most about Hungary (even more than the wine) HUNGARIANS!!! <3 We met up with our Budapest fans and they were all so lovely, we had the nicest time! Thank you so much to everyone that made it :D 

Thank you for reading!! This is what we got up to in our week in Budapest:

PS To MEET US somewhere else in Hungary, check out this page: meet us in Hungary! and if you're from Budapest, don't worry we'll be back in August!!!

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