We Should Meet Up - our plans this summer

It's official! We have all of our plans sorted for the next few months!! Yey! Here are our dates: 

BUDAPEST 26th June - 2nd July
1st July
3pm MEET UP - join the Budapest meet-up here!

DEBRECEN 3rd July - 5th July
4th July
3pm MEET UP - join the Debrecen meet-up here!

SZEGED 5th July - 7th July
6th July 
3pm MEET UP - join the Szeged meet-up here!

EGER 7th July - 9th July
8th July

BALATON SOUND 9th July - 10th July
9th July
No official meet-up, but we will be hanging around Balaton Sound looking for Marshmellow - if you see us, come and say hi!!!! 

- No meet-ups organised (as of yet), but if you're at any of these places during these times and want to meet up, let us know!
10th-11th Budapest
11th-19th July Germany
19th-21st July Copenhagen
21st-23rd July Stockholm
23rd-25th July Oslo
25th July - 16th August UK/Germany 
16th August - 13th September BUDAPEST!! 

PS Dear Hungarians, if you like our Hungarian stuff please join our Magyar Weasels Facebook group - to get first access to the best Magyar Weasel info :) 

And if you haven't seen it already..

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