Pixter Travel Pack Review

With Pixter's gadgets you can turn your smartphone into a better camera. Pixter sell lightweight lenses, tripods and other accessories which are compatible with any smartphone.  

We tried out the Pixter Travel Pack and this is what we thought:

Pixter Travel Pack:
Pixter offer five different packs, four different lenses, four pro lenses and five different accessories. As full-time travellers, we decided to go for the Travel Pack. 

We were pleasantly surprised to receive a parcel, not just with our Travel Pack, but with photos, sweets, stickers, a handwritten note and a badge - it was so thoughtful. 

The Travel Pack itself consists of the Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens and the Pixter Flexible Tripod. As these can be sold separately, I will review them separately first and then conclude by letting you know if it's worth going for the whole Travel Pack:

Pixter Wide Angle Pro Review:

The Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens is a wide angle lens for your smartphone. Basically it allows you to capture a field twice as large without any distortion. 

The Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens kit consists of a lens (including safety cap for each side), a clip which you can easily screw the lens into, a lens cleaner and a sweet bag to carry it in:

The lens is beautiful and contains five maximum clarity lenses. 

I found it really easy to screw on and then clip onto my phone. The quality of my camera was slightly blurry at first, so I twiddled the lens slightly to focus, and boom! Wide angle on my phone! 

One of the great things about the lens is it's small, light and portable. I've always wanted a wide lens for my Nikon, but we like to pack light and I can't carry the extra weight, so it's great to be able to have wide angle photos at a fraction of the weight. Furthermore, I don't think I could cope with the complicated way I have to unscrew my camera lens to put a wide lens on. With the Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens, it's so much easier, you simply clip it onto your smartphone:

And it's not just for your back camera, it works on the front camera too!

No more taking selfies with yourself and bae and only getting half of your faces in.. with the Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens, you go from this:

To this:

The only bad thing I'd say about the lens, is that there is a little bit of plastic that comes in the package. If they could replace that with something more sustainable, that would be perfect! 

Overall all though, I was impressed. My camera went from zero to hero, without needing heavy, bulky or unportable equipment. 

Pixter Flexible Tripod Review:

The second part of the Travel Pack is the Flexible Tripod, which means you can stand your phone up anywhere. 

The Pixter Flexible Tripod kit consists of the tripod and a bluetooth device, so you can take photos on your phone hands free!

The tripod is small and light - perfect for a day trip where you don't want to lug around a heavy tripod. The top part is detachable, so you can use it with other devices, not just your smartphone, e.g. a GoPro or a camera. 

The great thing about the tripod is it's flexible - it doesn't just have to be a rigid tripod, you can bend and flex it into almost any position, including 'curled up' legs, so you can safely attach your phone to a tree or a banister or a railing, or even a doorknob! 

I was particularly impressed by the strength of the tripod, although it's super light, it can still hold your phone upside-down:

I left it here for ten minutes, and it was still there! 

As for the bluetooth device, this is a real advantage. Sure you can use the tripod like a selfie stick (like I did), but you can also position it a few metres away from you, and get a really nice photo, without having to ask a stranger. 

It's super simple to connect your bluetooth device to your phone, simply turn it on, and find 'Pixter'.

Once connected, a simple click on the Pixter bluetooth device will take a photo on your phone. Easy peasy! 

All in all, I was impressed by the tripod and bluetooth device. It's a really good quality tripod that's both sturdy and flexible but also light and small. It's so important to have a good quality tripod - if it breaks, your phone or camera could fall! 

Pixter Travel Pack Review:

So, I liked both parts of the Pixter Travel Pack (the lens and the tripod), but do you need both? I say yes, because they compliment each other so well. 

They are both so small and light, but make such a massive difference to the quality of your photos. With both the Wide Angle Pro and the Flexible Tripod, you can easily have photos that are good quality, great composition and wider than ever before. You can have selfie photos, photos taken from a few metres away, wide angle photos, self-timed photos and more! 

So there you have it, my Pixter Travel Pack Review. I'm happy to say that this Travel Pack does exactly what it's designed to do - make your travel photos better, without costing you precious weight and space. Too often are products marketed as 'travel friendly', yet are heavy, bulky, fragile and just not suitable. This is not the case here! 

I just wish we'd had this in the past, like when we went to Angkor Wat!

I recommend going for the whole Pixter Travel Pack, but you can also buy the Pixter Wide Angle Pro and Pixter Flexible Tripod packs separately. 

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited to trial the Pixter Travel Pack, but as always, all opinions are our own. 

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