I Need a House Sitter! 5 Reasons to Have a House Sitter

i need a house sitter

Are you planning a trip soon and thinking 'I need a house sitter, where do I get a house sitter?' Or perhaps you are wondering 'Do I need a house sitter?' This post is all about the reasons to have a house sitter and where to get a house sitterWhy would you need a house sitter? Surely it's better to have your family look after your house whilst you're away rather than a stranger? Over the past three years, we've done over 30 house sits and we've asked the homeowners why they need a house sitter. These are the most common reasons to have a house sitter:

5 Reasons to Get a House Sitter

1. Your family lives too far away :(

i need a house sitter

Many of the people who are looking for house sitters are expats. Their nearest and dearest live in other countries - and often even on other continents! In fact, more often than not, the reason the homeowners are going away is to visit their family and friends. Even people who aren't expats can have families that live far away - In Australia, for example, it's not uncommon to live in a different state to your family and Australia is HUMONGOUS! This could potentially mean your family is 6 hours flight away! In fact, because it's so common for Australians to live far away from their relatives, we were able to house sit in Australia back-to-back for nine months (that's nine months of free accommodation in one of the most expensive countries ever)! Find out more in our house sitting ebook!

2. Your family is not available or able

Lots of other homeowners who are looking for house sitters can't ask their families because they are not able or available. For example, their friends and family might be working full time, they might be too old and not want to or they may just be coming on holiday with the homeowners! We've done a few house sits where the whole family was going abroad - often for reunions. Some people just don't have close friends and family that they can ask - until they meet us :) 

3. Pets are a big responsibility!

reasons to have a house sitter

Most house sits come with pets, and looking after pets is a big responsibility. Your friends and family have got their own things going on - work, school, families, pets of their own, etc. House sitters, on the other hand, have the pets as the top most important priority. They can guarantee full-time care and often come with experience. And, put bluntly, many pet owners have routines that are so strange they simply can't ask their nearest and dearest to do it - does your life revolve around your pet to an unhealthy extent? Then you need a house sitter. We've heard it all, and we've done it all - if it makes your pet happy, we're happy to help.

4. Some pets are impossible 

do i need a house sitter

(not these ones, these ones are gorgeous :)

It's one thing to ask a neighbour to check in on an independent cat once a day, but what if you have something your neighbour can't look after - like a horse or sheep or something else? Not only can these types of pets not go into kennels, they're also often too much to ask your friends and family to deal with.

5. It's so much better than kennels!

where to get a house sitter

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that it doesn't matter how fancy the kennel is, or how much one-on-one care your cat/dog gets at said kennel, animals are never happier than when they are at home. With house sitters your pets can have its own home, with its normal routine - and quite frankly they mostly don't even notice that the owners have gone!

Where to Get a House Sitter? I Need a House Sitter!

So you're convinced that you need a house sitter, but where do you get house sitters from? There is actually a website that links homeowners up with potential house sitters: TrustedHousesitters.com. Simply sign up, fill out your homeowner profile and wait for house sitters to apply to your sit. Actually, THS was kind enough to provide us and our readers with a 10% discount (click on the link to use it). There are more house sitters than homeowners so you will be spoilt for choice! You can also browse the house sitters and approach the ones that you think would be most suitable if you prefer.

Top tip: fill out your homeowner profile as thoroughly as possible, make sure, to be honest about the duties that your home and pets come with, and try to make it sound appealing too (think: nice things about your home, interesting places to visit nearby). Put yourself in the house sitter's shoes and read your advert - would you want to apply? Speaking as a professional house sitter, I tend to shy away from adverts that sound too demanding, I see house sitting as a fair exchange, where I do the homeowners a big favour, and they offer me something pleasant in return. [Read: I am not interesting toilet training a puppy in return for staying in a crummy house.] :)

Still Can't See it Happening in Your Country? This Section is for You!

Whilst house sitting is popular in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US there are many countries that have never heard of it, and if they have they wouldn't trust it. Never fear, no matter what country you're from there are always plenty of house sitters more than willing to come and house sit for you! From Spain to Thailand to Canada to Finland and Germany, we house sit all over! And what's more, this could be your opportunity to travel the world - as a house sitter yourself! If you love animals and want to travel it could be perfect for you - find out more in this blog post: How To Get Started With House Sitting?

Wrap Up: I Need a House Sitter!

i need a house sitter

There are many reasons to have a house sitter, and I've only just touched on it here. Ultimately, we've found house sitting benefits everyone - the house sitters see the world in an exciting, luxurious and cheap way; the homeowners have the peace of mind that their house and pets are in good hands (not to mention saving hundreds on kennel fees). But above all the pets benefit the most :) by staying at home and having their usual routine. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think - would you like to try house sitting? Would you like to have a house sitter? We have also made this video for newcomers to housesitting, enjoy :)

P.S. Trustedhousesitters.com was kind enough to provide us and our readers with a 10% discount -- click on the link to use it!

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