Top 17 Most Common Questions About Travelling Weasels - Answered!

We LOVE getting messages from you on Facebook or Instagram and chatting to you live on YouTube and YouNow. We noticed that these 17 questions come up the most often (including why we are learning Hungarian and how on earth we make enough money to travel the world). 

So we thought we'd answer them all in one place! 

If you have any questions that we've missed out, make a comment below (you can now leave a comment using your Facebook account)

1. Why are you called Travelling Weasels?

(But also because Weasel was my nickname for Tanbay and we needed a memorable travel blog name and all the others were taken).

2. Where are you from?

Tanbay is from Germany - the North West near Hamburg, and I am from the UK - the South West in-between Birmingham and Bristol. 

3. Where does Tanbay's name come from?

The name 'Tanbay' isn't German at all, despite the fact that everyone in Tanbay's family for generations is German. Tanbay's neighbour was simply called Tanbay and Tanbay's mum liked the name 😊

If it helps you, his middle name is super German (it's Hermann 😄

4. How do you pronounce Tanbay? 

Honestly, I don't even know. For the first six months of our relationship I said it the English way: Tan-Bay. 

Then I met his parents and asked Tanbay why they kept saying his name wrong (Tan-bye), turns out that's the proper German way to say it (and apparently for Hungarians too!)

Luckily Tanbay's not fussy what you call him: Tan-Bay, Tan-bye, Tan, Tambay, Tambourine, Tannenbaum we've heard them all (and yes that includes Tampon, har har)

5. How old are you?

We are 26 and 29. I'll let you guess which way round. Actually don't, I'm 26 Tanbay is 29. 

6. Are you related?

I know, I know, we come from different countries and look nothing alike, it's shocking that we're not related right? We are in fact an engaged couple!!

7. How long have you been a couple?

Since 2006 :) 

8. How did you meet?
We met on MySpace 😄 lol

9. When are you getting married?

Even though we've been engaged since 2014, we have zero wedding plans. We nearly got married in Vegas, but we HATED vegas (find out more here)

10. Why are you learning Hungarian?

We think it's a fascinating language like nothing else we've ever seen or heard! And it's beautiful! Plus we spent a month in Budapest last year and loved it and all the Hungarians we met.

[Find out 50 things we think you must do in Budapest right here]

11. Why do you like Hungary?

We just love Hungarians, I don't think we've ever met such cool, clever, nice people! 

12. Which countries have you been to?

So far we've been to 42 countries on 4 continents (North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania). We've written about most of the countries here:

13. What's your favourite Hungarian food?

POTATO SCONES and stuffed cabbage. For all our thoughts on Hungarian food check out our Quick Guide to Hungarian Cuisine

14. Which was your favourite country though? 

15. Which was your least favourite country?
We don't really have one - we weren't the biggest fans of Singapore or Estonia, but we weren't there long enough to say we don't like them. The Philippines used to be my least favourite, but then we went back and to a different part and now it's one of my favourites... I don't think you can ever judge a country as bad :D (but the scariest by far was the USA :O) 

16. Where do you live?


Since 2013 we haven't been in one place for longer than 1 month. This year we've spent time in Italy, UK, Canada, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand again, Laos, Thailand again, Japan <3, UAE, Hungary <3, Germany Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden, UK again, Hungary again... In the future we'd like to settle down in Budapest and Bangkok (half year in each) :) 

17. How do you make enough money to travel the world?
We are social media influencers. This means that we own a travel blog, a YouTube channel and a popular Instagram account and companies sponsor us to travel. 

This didn't happen over night though and we spent a whole year working on it with no return. We were able to do this through house sitting. We don't house sit very often anymore, but really recommend it to anyone wanting to start a business without worrying about bills for the first six months or a year. 

Most of the secrets to our travel can be found here: how to always get the best travel deals

Bonus - our goal: to be able to answer all these questions in Hungarian by the end of the year! 

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