The Ultimate Foodie Guide to Rome

[Warning, may induce mouth watering.]

Italian food is loved world-wide. Italian pizzerias are spread all over the world (some more authentic than others), and many people's Italian bucket-lists include 'sink into a carb-coma'. Unfortunately, many people are unpleasantly surprised by the food they try in Rome. Rome is infamous for selling substandard pizzas and pastas at high prices to unsuspecting tourists. Which sucks.

But that's where we come in. We spent 9 days in Rome to make sure we found you the best restaurants, sandwich places, gelato shops and food tours in Rome, so you could have perfect meals in Rome, and this is what we found.

Where to Eat in Rome

The Best Walking Food Tour in Rome

To hit the ground running (or rather walking) go on a walking food tour - you'll be lead through Rome with a guide, who will give you many insider tips and of course fill you to the brim with delicious Italian treats. It's a great introduction to Italian food, which also includes learning more about the city - a win-win!

Italy's most recommended walking food tour is Eating Italy Food Tours. We went on their Testaccio Supper Stroll and insist you do too, it was a real highlight of our time in Rome. To find out more, read our full blog review: Testaccio Supper Stroll.

The Best Restaurants in Rome

Are the home restaurants! Seriously, if you want a great home-cooked, authentic Italian meal, head straight to an authentic Italian house. But if you don't have a handy Italian friend who lives in Rome and is willing to cook you an meal, don't worry, we know how to get you one! (A great way to make friends in Italy and abroad in general is with Showaround - check out my review!)

There are lots of great home restaurants to be found on websites very similar to airbnb. The concept is simple: chefs open up their homes to those that want home cooked meals - or even cooking classes. You browse through the website to find the one you think is most suitable (things to think about include price and location).

We tried out two of these websites in Rome - Bonappetour and Vizeat. The principle of both websites is essentially the same: match hungry tourists with authentic meals.

I found Vizeat's website more aesthetically pleasing, but will still give the edge to Bonappetour's website for one reason: you can contact your host before you book - to check they can do your dates and meet your requirements (for example we don't eat meat, dairy or eggs).

With Vizeat you can't contact the person beforehand, so we went ahead and booked one and found out four days later that they weren't available. We found an awesome host in the end, but this confusion could have been avoided if we'd been able to message hosts beforehand.

Really though, it doesn't really matter what the website is like, what's more important is the actual evening. And the evening is down to the hosts. Again Bonappetour gets the edge because they trial all their chefs to make sure you get a good one.

Essentially, we thoroughly enjoyed both our Bonappetour evening and our Vizeat evening. We met some really lovely Romans and enjoyed exquisite meals. Although I give the edge to Bonappetour, I'd still recommend that you check out both Bonappetour and Vizeat's websites to find your perfect home cooked Roman meal (or even cooking class! To find out more check out our full reviews:

The Best Sandwich in Rome

Rome is a great city to stroll around and get lost in - 1) it's relatively flat everywhere with nice comfy, cobbled streets and 2) there is beauty around almost every corner - cute boutique stores, arty bookshops, not to mention insanely old Roman ruins! But strolling around calls for a quick filling lunch (or snack) and in Rome that means sandwiches! One of the best sandwiches we had in our entire lives was at iPhame, this is a tiny hidden gem that you could easily walk past and miss (like we did). The sandwiches are delicious and the guy behind the counter is really friendly.

The Best Gelato in Rome

If you want to treat yourself and be kind to the planet at the same time, head to Grezzo. Their products are all free of refined sugar, dairy, GMOs and chemicals - basically all that's left is quality organic ingredients and delicious tastes so good it will make you want to move to Rome. Trust us.

Where to Stay in Rome

Once you're done checking out the ruins and stuffing your face with Italian food, you'll need somewhere comfy to spend the night - so where's the best place to stay in Rome? Our recommendations depend a little on what your in the market for:
  • An Urban Retreat: the Retrome was perfect for us - really quiet despite being only a stone's throw away from one of the most popular spots in Rome - the Colosseum. A stay at the Retrome also includes breakfast (not that common in Rome). Prices from £59/night.
  • A Timeless Classic: the Blue Hostel combines those two quintessential Rome traits - class and history. The Blue Hostel dates back to the 17th century and it has beautiful architecture. We're also not sure why it's called a hostel, it's much more of a boutique hotel than a hostel. Prices from £100/night.
  • Something Outside the Box: If you're looking for something quirky and futuristic try one of the iRooms - the iRooms are a new jacuzzi hotel concept with rooms that include jacuzzis, Netflix, massage chairs and more! Prices from £143/night.
  • Cheap and Cheerful: If you're looking for something that's homely, eco-conscious and doesn't break the bank head to the Beehive - they manage to toe the line between hip-happening hostel and budget-boutique hotel. By having four types of rooms: dorm rooms, privates with shared bathroom, privates, and privates with shared kitchen they manage to accommodate just about everyone. To find out more check out our full review. Dorm prices from just £20/night, privates from £60/night.

You can read more here: Romantic hidden gem in Rome.

Wrap Up: the Ultimate Foodie Guide to Rome

So there you have it, everything you need to have a decent food comma week in Rome. If you have any questions or comments let us know in the comment box below! Also, here's a video documenting our experiences - enjoy :)

P.S.: If you're interested in a way of travelling and getting even cheaper accommodation, you might wanna check out house sitting. was kind enough to provide us and our readers with a 10% discount, feel free to click on the link to use it :)

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