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Introducing RoarApp - the free app that helps you find out where to go, wherever you go!

RoarApp is a new, funky app which has been designed to show you the nearest and best restaurants, bars and clubs to your current location. 

And it's not just the perfect app to use in your home city - you can use Roar in ANY CITY IN THE WORLD!! That's right - you can use it to find cool places whilst on holiday or travelling!

But it's not just about finding the closest bar, club or place to eat near you, RoarApp will also help you find the BEST bar, club or place to eat near you - as it has all the Google, Foursquare and Roar venues on it.

There's also the option to follow your favourite clubs, bars and places to eat, meaning that you will receive direct access to any and all special offers on drinks, entry and meals! Not to mention any other news or even events that have been created by your favourite venues. This is such an asset! Who wouldn't want to stay up-to-date with their favourite spots?

RoarApp is a very social app - you can share your plans or your favourite venues' offers with your friends and family with the RoarApp's Find My Friends feature. There's also a safety aspect to it which helps individuals or groups stay safe on a night out.

We tried out the RoarApp in Bangkok, Thailand one weekend and this is what we thought:

Downloading the RoarApp
The RoarApp (which is free) can be quickly downloaded on the App Store here or the play store here. Unfortunately it wasn't available for me on my Android phone because I was in Thailand, but luckily it was still available on my iPad. I clicked download and a few minutes later I had the RoarApp!

Filling in your profile

I set about filling in my/our profile. Which was fun and easy - I liked that you could have a profile picture. There weren't too many questions to fill out which was great, but it had the essentials. 

I also thought it was funny that the app told me I had 0 friends, 0 plans and 0 following so I got to work making my profile look more sociable. 

Exploring the RoarApp
I clicked the bottom left-hand button called 'Explore' and digitally explored my surroundings. 

As I allowed the app to know my location, it showed me the closest bars, clubs and restaurants near to us. I liked though that you could still choose to input any location around the world using the search-bar at the top. Perfect for those (like me) who like to plan their holidays and trips before they've got there, or just for casual day-dreaming!

Bangkok isn't our home city, and although it is sort of our base (in that we visit it three times a year - i.e. two to three times more than we visit any other city); we still don't know it that well. So I was excited to discover more of it. 

I quickly found and followed our favourite nearby pubs and places to eat, but as we don't know the area that well, that only got my following up to four. 

Luckily, RoarApp was the perfect remedy that I needed to discover more places in my area. 

I loved how you could choose between 'bars', 'clubs' or 'restaurants' and I really, really loved how it said how many kilometres away they were. This was so useful to help me work out whether we were going to walk there, take the BTS or grab a taxi. Aka it helped me plan.


Talking of planning, it was great to be able to check-in to the place. There was also the option of adding bars, clubs and restaurants to your plans, but first you had to create a new plan with friends. 

The explore part of the app also includes other essential information like Address, Opening Times and Contact details. This is so useful! Too many a time have we found a great place to eat, drink or dance, only to turn up and find that it was closed, or they couldn't provide vegan food, or something else similar and annoying - what a waste of time and money getting there! Having that useful information all in one place was such a bonus. 

Once my following was looking more sociable, and my plans were beginning to form, I went about tackling the last part - finding friends. 

Clicking on the Friend's button and then on the + sign in the top right hand corner gave me the option to sync with my friends on Facebook.

Unfortunately, the only Facebook friends I had that also had the RoarApp were far, far away in London, and weren't eager to join our Bangkok plans later that night (cop-outs)!

Luckily though, we do have a handful of cool friends in Bangkok. They agreed to download the RoarApp and join our group! We set up a plan and hit the town! Discovering new places we'd never seen before. 

All in all, we think that the RoarApp is an excellent social venue app and we will certainly be 'roaring' its praises from now on!

The app is so great for finding out bars, clubs and places to eat nearby. It works even better if your friends download it too (and frankly, as it is free, why wouldn't they?)! 

So give it a download, and tell your friends to do it too! (Permission to roar at them if they don't!)
In the near future, the app will also feature galleries, museums and hotels - so it really will have something for everyone. 

And in the meantime, check out these great holiday, flights and hotel offers on the RoarApp website!

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