How To Spend 24 Hours in LA

Only have 24 hours in LA and want to make the most of it? Follow this guide of the must things you must do in LA.

Walk of Fame

The walk of fame albeit not that exciting is still worth a ten minute look at.  It's fun to walk along it and find names you've heard of. 

There's even a section which has stars' hands and foot prints, it's amazing how many stars have tiny hands!

Having heard that people have been building the wall around Trump's star or even attempting to destroy it, we were a little disappointed to see that there was just a little pac-man drawn on it and the name had been crossed out. 

We took a photo showing our distain for Trump, but were too scared to upload it to social media whilst we were in the US, in case we got told off #wimps lol

Hollywood sign

If you're really eager to see the Hollywood sign in all its glory, take a hike or drive up and see it up close. 

For those that are less eager and just want to 'tick it of', you can actually see if pretty well from the Walk of Fame - simply head on into Hollywood and Highland - a shopping centre right on the Hollywood walk of fame. You can see the Hollywood sign clearly from one of their (free) viewing points. 

Or rather, you can if you go on a day where it's not super rainy, like we did. 


For lunch head to Vromage - they serve the nicest cheese in all of LA and the owner is really passionate about his work. 

Venice Beach 

Head over to Venice Beach for a lazy afternoon and to of course watch the sunset. 

Venice Beach was (you guessed it) named after Venice thanks to its canals. It was actually an independent city until it merged with LA in 1926. 

Nowadays you can enjoy the beaches and the cool performers along the promenade - like the palm readers!


For dinner there's Au Lac - perfect for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike! It's in a great location too so you can catch a show afterwards. 

Where to stay in LA

We stayed at the Orlando Hotel for one night and this is what we thought: 

The staff were very helpful, check-in was kind of slow, but when I asked how to get to LAX in the morning they went above and beyond in helping us work out the best route. 

Our room was comfortable and we loved that the massive flat-screen was personalised with a digital welcome message and our names. 

The bathroom had a great shower and some of the nicest toiletries ever.

The Orlando also has a gym and an outdoor pool. 

The Orlando is set in a great location with a Farmer's Market close by and lots of cute little shops. If you're travelling with public transport, it will be a bit of a pig to get to (train, bus and walking), but I wouldn't recommend taking public transport in LA anyway - take an uber.  

Although we only stayed for one night, we would have gladly stayed longer. 

The Orlando is set in a great location with a Farmer's Market close by and lots of cute little shops. There are many things to do in Orlando with toddlers, and they would love each one of them. 

How to get to LA
To find not just the cheapest flights but also the best flights into LA or the USA, we recommend Kiwi - Kiwi will find the cheapest flights for you, it will find the flights with the least hassle and it will find the perfect combination of the two. 

For example, the cheapest flight from New York to LA might be a lot of hassle - it might stop in three different places and take 24 hours.  Kiwi will also find you a flight that stops just once, or maybe even a direct flight, that's not that much difference in price and is a lot less hassle. 

We used Kiwi to find the best flights out of the LA. But to get to LA we took the bus: the megabus took us from San Francisco to LA for just $5 each. Sure it wasn't the nicest bus we've ever been on, but for $5 we can't complain. Okay we'll elaborate though: 

We've taken lots of Megabuses in Europe and always found them to be clean, practically empty and the passengers it did have were young travelling people like ourselves. 

Megabus in America is a different kettle of fish though. We took three (San Francisco - LA, LA - Vegas and Vegas - LA). All three were PACKED and some of the people were crazy!! Like taking-cats-on-a-bus crazy. Just so you know. 

Take a TEP with you
We were so happy to have a TEP wireless on our LA trip - this meant we had internet on the go where ever we were. We highly recommend you get these for any trip you go on. 

So there you have it, a quick guide to spending 24 hours in LA. We hope it's been useful - let us know in the comments below! 

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