Do Not Forget To Pack These Six Essentials

Are you heading on a weekend getaway, a two week vacation or perhaps a longer trip: a gap year or teaching abroad? 

No matter where your travels take you, there are a few things you simply can't leave the house without. So don't forget to pack these five essential travel items!

1. The Perfect Carry-On Backpack

Don't get caught out with a backpack that doesn't work for you. You're going to need one that: is the correct dimensions for carry-on; is good quality and lasts a long time; is water resistant and easy to clean.

We recommend Standard's Carry-On Backpack. It does all of our above requirements and so.much.more! 

Carry-On has a separate, padded, compartment for your laptop - if you've ever travelled with a laptop you know how annoying it is to take it out for security - with a separate compartment though it's no hassle at all. Especially when the compartment is padded - there's no need to bring a bulky laptop bag. 

Carry-On also has three different ways to be carried: as a suitcase, as a side bag or as a backpack. We LOVE this idea. For us the comfiest way to carry a bag is as a backpack, but this can look unprofessional - especially when you turn up to a fancy hotel or work event. That's why it's great that you can quickly turn it into a side bag or suitcase.

Finally, what we love about this backpack are all the pockets - there's a pocket for everything! A quick-access pocket on the outside for non-valuables that you need quickly (e.g. books, maps); a sleeve for keeping shirts wrinkle-free; a hidden pocket for your valuables; the separate laptop pocket which also has a space to keep your tablet safe; plus extra pockets for pens, cards and cables! No more routing around looking for your stuff, the bag keeps it organised for you.   

2. Travel Insurance

Next up is travel insurance - I can't stress how important this is! And not just for the usual suspects like skiing, surfing, snowboarding, bungee jumping.. you'd be silly to do fun (dangerous) activities without insurance, but apparently even if you don't do crazy activities you'd still be mad not to have insurance.

After three years of travelling (and doing crazy activities) our worst injuries happened at the mildest of times: Tanbay fractured his arm walking on a pavement in Australia and I needed seven stitches after making hummus in Italy. 

The point is, you need insurance. We recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance - it's the one we use because it's designed by travellers, making it easy to buy, extend and claim, even if you're still travelling. 

They also cover you for a lot of extreme sports (like bungee jumping) that other companies won't - and they're often cheaper than those other companies!

3. Portable Wifi

This is a new favourite of ours: having wifi on the go. How? With a Tep Wireless - a small device that allows you to connect to the internet anytime, anywhere. Find out more by reading our review: Tep Wireless Review or order yours here: order a Tep Wireless.

4. A Good Camera
If you don't have a good photo of the place you went to, have you really even been there? Okay of course you have, but for someone who has an awful visual memory (like me), someone who loves to print out photos and make collages (like me) or someone who likes to shoot insta-good photos (like me), a good camera is an essential. 

Seriously, your phone won't cut it. When we were in Australia and Northern Europe we just used a phone, and looking back now the photos are rubbish! Then we moved onto a small digital camera, and looking back now the photos are still rubbish!

Nowadays we travel with four different cameras, one would be enough probably but it depends what you're doing:

Nikon D3300 - essential for taking good photos. Don't leave without one! You can find your one here: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Canon G7X - essential for taking good videos. If you want to be a YouTuber or simply take good videos this is a must - seriously. You can find yours here: Amazon US | Amazon UK

GoPro - essential for taking good photos and videos under or around water or anytime you're doing any kind of sport. You can find yours here: Amazon US | Amazon UK

360 degree camera - essential for taking amazing 360 degree videos that are really popular on Facebook and YouTube. You can find yours here: Amazon US | Amazon UK

5. A Decent Adapter
Last, but not least, is a decent adapter. For years we borrowed Tanbay's sisters one and it worked amazingly until she asked for it back. Then we had to replace it. We decided to go for the cheaper version of the same thing - big mistake - it broke almost immediately. So then we decided to go for what we already knew would work.

Yes these are more expensive than the cheaper ones (duh), but they are 100% worth it. Pay a little more now so you don't have to buy a new one in ten minutes.  Find yours here: Amazon US | Amazon UK

6. ATM card or credit card
While it’s true that having enough cash is important, it’s also critical that you have helpful cards with you while you are on a trip. There might be instances that you are suddenly required to pay for something, and your cash isn’t enough, so it’s better if you ATM cards or credit cards in your pocket. If you don’t have any of this yet, go ask your bank to give you those. However, if you are applying for a credit card, make sure your credit history is free from issues as per ‘cause it might affect your application. Do not wait for your next trip, get the necessary cards now for your future travel plans.

Bonus: your passport!

So there you have it five essential items you simply cannot leave the house without when you go off on your adventures.

Did we miss anything off the list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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