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7 Things The UK Does Better Than Anywhere Else In The World

For the past three years we've been travelling the world full-time, but we come back to my home country (the UK) once or twice a year to see friends and family (and the dentist and the post-person). 

Every time I come back I remember why I left: mostly because the weather is miserable - no it doesn't rain all the time, but there is this horrible grey sky pretty much all the time which is very depressing. 

apart from in this photo 😉 

But it's not all doom and gloom, there are some things that the UK does better than anywhere else in the world and these are the things I love coming back to:

(Also some of these things are done in other countries too which are also awesome)

1. The Plugs

The plugs used in Britain (type G) are the BEST IN THE WORLD and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I'm not sure why they call them type G, they should clearly be called type A+++ and everyone should have them.

Incidentally, Britain isn't the only place to use type Gs - Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Malta, Dubai, Kenya and a few more use them too (aka my new bucket-list). 

Why are they so great? 
1. They don't fall out of the wall, once they're in they're in - unlike some plugs, *cough* Europe, looking at you. 
2. They are the safest of the plugs (Brits love safety) - with an extra pin just for making sure you don't get an electric shock. 
3. If it looks like a type G, it is. - European plugs all look the same and thus are, right? Nope. Our plugs we use in Germany won't fit into French walls, even though they look like they will - #why? 

If you need more convincing, watch this guy - he made a video all about why Bristish plugs are better than all other plugs: he explains everything very well and has a cool accent:

A downside is that they are super heavy, but hey you can't have everything.

Incidentally, when we're not in cool countries that use cool plugs, we use a Skross World Travel Adapter which works perfectly. We're not affiliated with them or anything, we just use them and love them:

We've had one that still looks brand new even though we got it 5 years ago. We decided to buy a second adaptor and went for a cheaper version, which broke almost immediately. So now we have two Skross ones and they are so good and we recommend them to everyone - don't buy a cheapy one!

You can get your own Skross adapter from Amazon US ($38.25) or Amazon UK (£16.99) - it's a must have for travel.

2. Driving on the CORRECT side of the road 

In Britain the driver's side is on the right and we drive on the left aka the correct side. 

Okay, like the plugs, Britain isn't the only country to do this - countries like Japan and Australia do this too (yey). 

So what makes the left side better? Surely as most people are right handed it makes more sense to have your right hand on the gear stick? 
Well, in an emergency I want my right hand in the right place - in an emergency it's better to have it on the wheel than on the gear stick. 

I haven't explained that very well, and really it doesn't make that much difference... let's move on

3. The loos!

The UK doesn't have squat loos or weird little shelves in the toilet, you can throw as much loo roll down them as you like (as opposed to putting them in a weird bin). Yes. I once almost killed one of Tanbay's cousins for saying British loos are weird - GERMAN LOOS HAVE  A POOP SHELF. That's the definition of weird.

4. Accents

We've got funny ones, sexy ones, disgusting ones ones you can't understand, posh ones, weird ones, horrible ones, cool ones, creepy ones - you name it, we've got it. (And no I'm not going to insult anyone by saying which accent is which.) If there's one thing we undeniably do well, it's accents. 

5. The FOOD

The UK has a bad rep when it comes to food - deep-fried mars bars, toad in the hole, haggis, spotted dick... But I actually love the food in the UK and here's why:

1. Marmite, baked beans, porridge, crumpets - not at the same time obviously, but they are all the best
2. Picnics are a BIG thing, and Pimm's.
3. For me just the tastes of everyday foods like bread, crisps and even fruit & veg taste normal in the UK. Almost definitely because I grew up here and it's what I'm used to. But it's nice to go into a supermarket and know what I buy is going to taste how I expect. 
4. If all else fails and you hate all British food, don't worry - there are so many AUTHENTIC (ish) dishes from other cultures available to you: Thai, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican - and that's just off the top of my head. Your taste buds can go on a tour of the world, without leaving the UK. 

Okay so the Chinese food tastes nothing like the food I actually had in China (and I hear the same is true about Indian food); but it's still delicious.

It may sound like I'm saying that the best part about British food is other countries' foods.. but for anyone whose ever lived in a country where they don't really have other people's cuisines (e.g. Italy) you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Also I'm DEFINITELY not saying British food is the best in the world, I'm just saying it's very good and it's awesome that we have access to such a variety of foods and thus to all the best foods in the world (British or not). 

Also haggis is dope - especially the vegan version. 

6. The Culture

Call me biased - though it was actually (German) Tanbay that pointed this out to me - but it's so easy to be cool in the UK: art, music, fashion, I'm not sure why but it's soo cool in the UK! 

7. It has some great people

Okay I definitely am biased here, as a lot of my friends and almost all of my family live in the UK and I love them a lot! It's always worth braving the abysmal weather and extortionate train prices for you 😍 

Over to you: Are you British? What do you love about it? Or are you from somewhere else? What do you love about your home country?

Disclaimer: I do love these things about the UK but I am extremely biased as I am British. I am also an affiliate for Amazon - if you buy something from one of the Amazon links I get a small portion of the profit at no extra cost to you, I don't recommend Amazon products I haven't actually used and loved myself because that would be weird. 

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