10 Products We Want To Travel With In 2017

It's only two days into 2017 and already we are planning our budget for the whole year: gadgets to buy, clothes to buy, flights to buy etc. Here is a list of 10 travel gadgets we want in 2017 and why!

DJI Mavic Pro

Oh find me a travel blogger or vlogger that doesn't have this at the top of their wish-list, and you will find it's only because they are lucky enough to already have one! 

Drones are still the latest trend and for good reason: they take incredible aerial photos and videos. We can't wait to get our hands on one! 
Get your own hands on one here:

360° 4K Video Camera

Not quite as popular as the drone, although they still take incredible footage, is the 360 degree camera. We worked with many hotels last year and we want to work with even more this year! Having a 360 degree edge would really help us out. I fell in love with this camera after seeing footage of the Northern Lights in 360! 
Get your own hands on one here: 

Apple MacBook Pro
With all these new cameras we want and all the wonderful vlogs we want to make, we really need a better laptop. 

We both have MacBooks (I have a Pro, Tanbay has an Air). They are both more than three years old though and although they work amazingly for most things, they don't have enough ghz/ram/whatever magic it is you need to make awesome 4k videos. Also my pro's trackpad doesn't work (I spilt beer on it, I suck). 
Get your own hands on one here: 

5TB Hard Drive


When we were in Australia, my laptop (the pro) lost all of its memory aka all of my Australia photos. Luckily most of them were on Facebook, but the photos aren't very high quality. It sucks.

Last year we bought this 1TB travel hard drive and now we don't have to worry about loosing photos, because they're all backed up on this drive which we always keep in a different bag to our laptop.

But with three cameras and shooting daily vlogs, our 1 TB has filled up very quickly, it's now time to get a 5TB one. 
Get your own hands on one here: 

Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Camera

Hard drives are kind of a boring buy - like insurance you have to do it but it's not exciting. That's why I've added an Instant Camera - a fun buy to reward myself for the boring ones!!

When we took my sister to Iceland last year, she brought along her instant camera and I was instantly (pun intended) hooked! Those things are so cool, and nothing says Instagood more than taking a photo of your instant photo in the place that you took the instant photo... you know what I mean. 
Get your own hands on one here: 

BAGSMART Camera Backpack

I need a new bag, and I have very specific requirements: I want a bag that can handle both my laptop and my DSLR and also not look like a laptop bag or camera bag (cause they're ugly) andddd also not have any leather on it (because that's cruel).

Luckily this Bagsmart bag hits all those criteria. Plus it's waterproof! 
Get your own hands on one here:  BAGSMART Camera Backpack (UK)

Medium Suitcase - Lightweight

Along with needing a new bag, I also need a new suitcase!! For the past two years we've been travelling with hand luggage only, but it's getting to the point where enough is enough. 

As we are now doing fewer house sits there are lots of things we're not going to be borrowing anymore - like umbrellas. 

We also have a lot more gadgets (and are thinking of getting plenty more as you can see from this list). A) we won't have enough room in hand-luggage and b) things like the drone aren't allowed in hand-luggage.

Finally we are going to be going to colder places (like Canada) and need more clothes. 
Get your hands on one here: 

Skross World Adapter

We have two different adaptors, but one is pretty broken (you have to put it in in a special way) and the other doesn't work with certain plugs for no reason. We need a new adaptor and we need a good one. This one looks great and it has USB ports too, a lot of the things we need charging (phone, iPad etc) are charged through USBs. 
Get your hands on one here: 

DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO 

I am sick of YouTube asking me if I would like to stabilise my videos. The solution? A gimbal. We saw one of these in action in the Philippines and it was incredible. 
Get your hands on one here: 
DJI Osmo Mobile Drone (UK)

GoPro HERO5 Black

Finally, something we don't reallllyyyy need, but we would absolutely love. We don't realllyyyy need it because we have a GoPro HERO3+ Silver. But we love our GoPro so much and use it all the time, it would be great to have a new one that had a screen on the back. 
Get your hands on one here: 

Before we start all this spending, we made sure we had our priorities straight by purchasing insurance first. Travel insurance is a must! I get mine from World Nomads. I like them because they've been designed by travellers (so they know what they're doing); you can always find a voucher for them (e.g. at the moment you can try LOYALNOMAD, GOASIA or GOUSA) anddd they are very community focussed, there's an opt-out option to quickly and easily donate to reputable charities when you book your insurance through them - win-win.  

So there you have it 10 products we'll be getting in 2017! Will you be getting any of them? Or maybe you already have all of them? Let me know if you like them! 

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