Budapest Homeless People - How To Help With Budapest Bike Maffia

budapest homeless

Budapest is our favourite city in Europe, it's fun, cheap and beautiful, but we were so sad to see so many homeless in Budapest, it's almost comparable to San Francisco in this sense. 

Budapest Homeless people

We spent a whole month in Budapest this summer and were shocked by how many homeless in Budapest there really are. This was partly because we were there for a long time, so started recognising certain people, but partly because homelessness in Budapest is some of the highest in Europe.

What can you do to help the homeless in Budapest

Donations, especially food, clothing, and pads/tampons, are always needed and helpful. 

There are also a handful of non-profit charities in Budapest, working to feed, clothe, house and help Budapest homeless. We wanted to find out more about them. 

Budapest Bike Maffia

We met up with Budapest Bike Maffia, to learn more about the work that they do. 

Budapest Bike Maffia (or BBM) is one of the best Hungarian non-profit organisations. Their goal is selfless assistance to help those in need. 

They buy sandwich provisions, get volunteers to make the sandwiches, and then head out on their bikes to distribute the sandwiches across the city. 

BBM also organise '+1 Sandwiches' at school where children and adolescences bring in an extra sandwich to donate to BBM.  

It's not all about giving out food, the BBM talk to the Budapest homeless and see if they can help them out in other ways - a job here, a shelter there. 

Volunteering to help homeless Budapest with Budapest Bike Maffia 

budapest bike maffia
We went with them for two nights and this is what it was like:

We started off by going to Aldi and buying sandwich provisions with the donations made to BBM.

[If you'd like to donate to Budapest Bike Maffia, you can do so here: DONATIONS for Budapest Bike Maffia]

Next, we went to one of Budapest's coolest pubs: Eleszto. They kindly let Budapest Bike Maffia and another food charity use their back room free of charge. (They also serve the best cherry beer.)

We sat in that backroom and started making sandwiches with other volunteers and Budapest Bike Maffia members. Making the sandwiches took a long time (we made like 100) but it was a good opportunity to talk to the other people there and hear their thoughts. 

budapest homeless

Once the sandwiches had been made, they were loaded into backpacks and panniers and we whizzed across the city handing them out. 

homeless budapest

budapest bike maffia

Handing out sandwiches on bikes proved to be very useful for two reasons:

1. We could cover a lot more ground a lot faster than if we'd been on foot.

2. Lots of members had got into Budapest Bike Maffia because they love cycling and were looking for a group to share that enthusiasm, helping the homeless in Budapest was an added bonus. 

budapest bike maffia

Giving out the sandwiches felt like a really nice thing to do. And it didn't just stop there. BBM were also handing out disposable cameras. The homeless Budapest people could take photos of Budapest through their eyes (similar to the HONY project). When they give the cameras back they each get about $7, and the one with the best photo wins $50. 

After we'd finished giving out the sandwiches, we shared some beers with BBM. They were all such lovely people and they told us about their other projects - like trying to stop one of the biggest green spaces in Budapest being concreted over. 

We really like the way that BBM combine lots of things like socialising and biking to create a system to help others. 

The second time we went with BBM was quite similar to the first, with a few differences: Strike Bikes kindly lent us bikes to use (the bikes were awesome); one of the members of BBM brought some leftover soup from their work to use, and I cried my eyes chopping an onion 👍. 

Further information about homelessness in Budapest

To find out more check out BBM's website: and check out the YouTube videos we made about volunteering with them:


homeless budapest

Through Budapest Bike Maffia we not only found an effective way to truly help others but a great group of lovely people. 

If (when) you come to Budapest we hope you get a chance to go along with BBM, and/or donate to them. They're a really great charity who totally deserve it!

And thank you for your interest in helping Budapest homeless people. So many tourists like to complain or ignore a problem which makes everything worse. You are awesome! 

budapest homeless

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