How To Get The Best Travel Deals

You may have heard myths like book flights three weeks in advance, on a Tuesday, whilst standing on your head. But how can you really make sure you're getting the best travel deal available? 

We've compiled a short list with our top tips to help you score the best travel deals. 

Comparison Websites

Comparison websites are a great route to take, they are often impartial and don't care which website you end up on, as long as you click from them to that website (so they make money). 

We use: Rome2Rio - to work out the best transportation option (plane vs train vs bus vs car); skyscanner - to find the cheapest flights; - for moving items; - for booking hotels; Tripadvisor - for restaurants and hotels 

Use A Private Browser

Make sure that when you're on those websites mentioned above, that you use a private browser. This will mean that you can safely use the website, find the flight/hotel etc that you are looking for and then come back later to book it - and the price will be the same. 

(As opposed to when you look up what you want come back later and find that the price is a lot higher.)

Companies know when you're on their website and will raise the price accordingly. To get yourself a private window simply right click on Google Chrome and select 'new incognito window', or right click on Safari and select 'new private window'.

Book In Advance

In our experience booking in advance is almost always a good idea - sure you might find the odd offer at the last minute, but ultimately the earlier you book the more choice they will be, and this is especially true for airbnb.

Don't be fooled into thinking that flights want to fill up all their seats and will thus lower the prices at the last minute. a) there are almost always business men flying last minute who are willing to pay through the nose and b) flights don't care if they fill up all their seats.  

Change Your Currency
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Selecting a different currency can often save you money. For example with airbnb when we're looking at countries that use the Euro, we simply change our bank location to say, Germany, and then it gives us the option to pay in Euros instead of pounds. Then we don't have to pay a conversion fee. 

Stay For Longer

The longer you travel the cheaper travel will start to be. This won't apply if you continue to travel like you're on holiday: eating out 3 times a day, fancy hotels etc.

But lots of long-term travellers get good travel deals because they can stay for longer. Not only will rentals/ airbnbs/ hotels/ hostels offer you a discount if you're a long-term-tenant, but you can also prepare food at 'home'. 

House Sitting is another great way to stay longer for cheaper - we have a whole load of blog posts about house sitting just for you!

So there you have it, five great ways to make sure you get the best travel deals out there. We've been travelling for the past three years, but we are still finding new tricks and tips. So connect with us on social media to keep up to date!!

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