Around the World With 80 Pinterest Travel Accounts

Pinterest is invaluable when it comes to planning that perfect trip or holiday: you can use it to pin your favourite travel pictures to keep yourself motivated, keep your travel plans organised and clear, or simply follow the best travel bloggers on Pinterest for some daily inspiration. 

This is a list of carefully selected pinners whose pins combine wanderlust with perfect photography. 

So sit back, relax, and allow us to take you around the world with 80 Pinterest accounts from some of the top travel bloggers of the year. 

1. Travelling Weasels

Follow TravellingWeasels on Pinterest

2. Just One Way Ticket

Follow JustOneWayTicket on Pinterest

3. yTravel Blog

Follow yTravel Blog on Pinterest

4. Seattle's Travels 

Follow Seattle's Travels on Pinterest

5. Journalist on the Run 

Follow Journalist on the Run on Pinterest 

6. One World Just Go

7. Jones Around The World 

8. The Planet D

Follow The Planet D on Pinterest

9. A Dangerous Business 

 Follow A Dangerous Business on Pinterest 

10. Hecktic Travels 

Follow Hecktic Travels on Pinterest  

11. I am Aileen 

Follow I am Aileen on Pinterest

12. Vegan Vs Travel

Follow Vegan Vs Travel on Pinterest

13. Travelling Buzz

Follow Travelling Buzz on Pinterest 

14. We Are Travellers

15. Justin Plus Lauren

16. Worldly Journeys

Follow Worldly Journeys on Pinterest 

17. One Step 4 Ward

18. NOMADasaurus

Follow NOMADasaurus on Pinterest

19. Teacake Travels

Follow Teacake Travels on Pinterest 

20. Where Is Tara

Follow Where Is Tara on Pinterest

21. Salt In Our Hair

Follow Salt In Our Hair on Pinterest

22. Travel with Bender

23. Expert Vagabond

24. Anna Everywhere

25. The Blonde Abroad

Follow The Blonde Abroad on Pinterest

26. According to Zascha

Follow According to Zascha on Pinterest

27. The Russian Abroad 

Follow The Russian Abroad on Pinterest

28. Emily Luxton 

Follow Emily Luxton on Pinterest

29. Love Travel Quotes

Follow Love Travel Quotes on Pinterest

30. BIG BERRY Resorts

Follow BIG BERRY Resorts on Pinterest 

31. Legal Nomads

Follow Legal Nomads on Pinterest 

32. LandLopers 

Follow LandLopers on Pinterest
33. Alex in Wanderland

Follow Alex in Wanderland on Pinterest 

34. Polkadot Passport

Follow Polkadot Passport on Pinterest
35. Hippie in Heels 

Follow Hippie in Heels on Pinterest
36. Leave Your Daily Hell

Follow Leave Your Daily Hell on Pinterest 

37. My Tan Feet

38. Nomadic Boys

39. Gringa Journeys 

Follow Gringa Journeys on Pinterest

40. Travel-Ling 

Follow Travel-Ling on Pinterest

41. Curious Claire

42. Nomadic Matt

Follow Nomadic Matt on Pinterest

43. A Globe Well Travelled 

Follow A Globe Well Travelled on Pinterest

44. Wander The Map

Follow Wander The Map on Pinterest

45. Twirl The Globe 

Follow Twirl The Globe on Pinterest

46. Live, Travel and Blog

Follow Live, Travel and Blog on Pinterest

47. Honey Trek

Follow Honey Trek on Pinterest

48. Amateur Traveler 

Follow Amateur Traveler on Pinterest

49. Taylor's Tracks 

Follow Taylor's Tracks on Pinterest

50. This Girl Loves

Follow This Girl Loves on Pinterest

51. Don't Forget to Move 

Follow Don't Forget to Move on Pinterest

52. A Modern Girl's Travels 

53. On the Luce 

54. Frugal First Class Travel

55. Mindful Travel

Follow Mindful Travel on Pinterest

56. The Real Japan

Follow The Real Japan on Pinterest

57. Anglo Italians

Follow the Anglo-Italians on Pinterest

58. Travel Addicts

Follow Travel Addicts on Pinterest

59. Backpackingman 

Follow Backpackingman on Pinterest

60. Lili's Travel Plans

Follow Lili's Travel Plans on Pinterest

61. Green Global Travel

Follow Green Global Travel on Pinterest

62. Small Earth Travel

Follow Small Earth Travel on Pinterest

63. Two Scots Abroad

Follow Two Scots Abroad on Pinterest

64. The Nomadic Chica

Follow The Nomadic Chica on Pinterest

65. Miss Tourist 

Follow Miss Tourist on Pinterest

66. Where is Noodles?

Follow Where is Noodles on Pinterest

67. Fit Two Travel

Follow Fit Two Travel on Pinterest

68. The Flyaway Girl 

Follow The Flyaway Girl on Pinterest

69. Drive on the Left

Follow Drive on the Left on Pinterest

70. Food Travel Diva

Follow Food Travel Diva on Pinterest

71. Peanuts or Pretzels Travel

Follow Peanuts or Pretzels on Pinterest

72. Travel. Experience. Live.

Follow Travel. Experience. Live. on Pinterest

73. Untamed Travel

Follow Untamed Travel on Pinterest

74. Budget Travel Tips

Follow Budget Travel Tips on Pinterest

75. Viking Wanderer 

Follow Viking Wanderer on Pinterest

76. Drink Tea & Travel

Follow Drink Tea & Travel on Pinterest

77. Travel Past 50

Follow Travel Past 50 on Pinterest

78. Heart My Backpack

Follow Heart My Backpack on Pinterest

79. Captain and Clark 

Follow Captain and Clark on Pinterest

80. Free Candie

Follow Free Candie on Pinterest

How many of these travel Pinterest experts were you following already? How many more will you follow now? Let us know in the comment box below! 

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