5 Adventures To Have in 2017

It's getting to that time of year again: no, not Christmas, planning travel adventures for 2017 of course!!

For us, 2016 has been our favourite year so far. But with lots of lessons learnt we are eager to make sure that 2017 is even better!

These are the top 5 adventures we're hoping to have next year, perhaps yours are the same and we will see you on the road some time soon!  

Visit Japan 

Japan has been at the top of both of our bucketlists for as long as we can remember, so it's shameful that we haven't made it a priority yet! But 2017 is the year, we're going to make sure that we finally go to Japan!

We've already found the perfect travel blog resource - the Real Japan - and have so many things we want to do when we're in Japan including: watch a sumo fight, meet a geisha and stay in an array of different accommodations (capsule, Robot hotel, Hello Kitty room, Ryokan etc). 

Help the homeless in India

We're proud that we finally started doing more to help others in 2016. But whilst we've made a start, we want to make sure we have a much bigger impact in 2017. We're really passionate about helping the homeless and would like to do more for them. 

We've never been to India before, and would love to tie in a once-in-a-lifetime trip with an opportunity to help others. Our interest to help homeless people actually started when we watched a heartbreaking documentary about homeless people in India, so it seems fitting to honour that documentary by going to India to help. 

Of course we also hope to see the Taj Mahal, take some yoga classes and take a cooking lesson or two! 

Road Trip in California 

Like Japan, visiting California is very high up on our bucketlist and thus it seems insane that we haven't been there yet. We'd love to see the Golden Gate Bridge for ourselves, take a stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and even do a road trip in a (pink) Chevy.

If we have enough time, we'd love to extend our trip to Nevada (to gamble in Las Vegas), Arizona (to see the Grand Canyon), New Mexico (for White Sands National Monument) and even Texas - especially because we love golf and there are loads of golf courses near Austin TX like Teravista Golf Club. 

(and of course we'd never say no to a visit to Florida, Washington DC or New York!)

Safari in Kenya

Kenya is the perfect place to go on safari which is something we, as animal lovers, really want to do. 

Kenya holds an extra special place in my heart already (although we haven't yet been there) because it's where lots of my family were born and/or have lived. 

We would also really like to visit South Africa too, and we are currently wondering if a road trip from Kenya to South Africa is something we should do! 

Snowboard and Ski in Canada 

Snowboarding is something everyone has to try once in their life. I say just once because I tried it once, hated it, and never want to do it again. Tanbay on the other hand, loves it. My idea of 'let Tanbay snowboard while I enjoy the bar', didn't work out too well in Germany (I got alcohol poisoning) and that's why we're going for a new idea: skiing. 

Why do we want to ski and snowboard in Canada? Canada looks incredible - Northern Lights, incredible national parks, bears, maple syrup... PLUS in 2017 Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday - what better gift to give it than gracing it with our presence? Haha, seriously though we love the idea of Canada and hope to see it for real  next year. 

Bonus - MEXICO!

Los Cabos is a favourite for travellers everywhere, and for good reason. With San Jose del Cabo being a relaxing, tranquil vacation, and its sister-town Cabo San Lucas having its rowdy, wild night life, there really is something for everyone in this area of Mexico. We can't wait to experience authentic Mexican culture, whilst still hanging out with other bloggers and tourists who love travelling as much as we do. 

2016 hasn't even ended yet and we are already excited for 2017. But what about you? Leave us a comment below and tell us:

  • Have you already had some of these experiences? Do you have any tips for us?
  • Are our bucketlists the same? Will we be seeing you somewhere along the road?
  • What are the top 5 adventures you want to have in 2017?

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